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Splendid Sampler!

It’s our Splendid Sampler day!


I’ve been waiting for this day for months and it’s finally our turn!
Our block is all about friendship and all the quilting friends we’ve made over the years.


There are 4 Friendship Stars in our block that represent different groups of our quilting friends.


These pictures are some of my friendly favorites! They make me smile.

The first star represents all the friends we made when we owned our quilt shop.


The second star represents all the friends we made when we started designing patterns and attending Quilt Markets. Download your pattern here.


I dare you not to smile at some of these!

The third star stands for all our shop owner friends who have supported us over the years and all the students who have become friends.


The final star represents all the friends we made when we started designing fabric … which caused an explosion of friends!


We’re blessed that quilting has enabled us to make friends all over the world so it’s fitting that our block in the Splendid Sampler stands for friends!

Splendid Sampler Group Photo

Thanks Pat and Jane for including us in your splendid adventure and for being such good friends!


I wish we could have fit a thousand stars into our block!


Your friends,

Barb and Mary


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13 responses to “Splendid Sampler!”

  1. Christine B. says:

    Beautiful block Barb! Can’t wait to get started on it! I’m moving house in August but can still fit in a bit of stitching!! Christine x

  2. Mayca says:

    GRACIAS! La amistad es un tesoro y vosotras sois millonarias, gracias por estas cuatro estrellas de la amistad!
    THANK YOU! Friendship is a treasure and you are millionaires, thanks for these four stars of friendship!
    Mayca de Barcelona Spain

  3. Marion says:

    The friendship star has always been one of my favourite blocks. Many thanks for sharing yours. I already have mine cut.

  4. Ariadna says:

    Lovely block and post!! It really makes a difference, sewing it thinking of this beautiful history… it surely brings a smile!

  5. love this block. may need to try to do a full quilt in this block pattern

  6. Laura brown says:

    It’s s great block! Can’t wait to try it! Loved the pictures!

  7. JoAnn Rusden says:

    What a sweet blog post. I feel very honored to be in one of the photos…it sure brought up great memories!!! And as always, another great block design.

  8. Little Quiltsong says:

    Friendship Block now has a new meaning, after seeing your huge circle of friends. Thank you for sharing. Love your block!!

  9. Love your block! Quilty friends truly are the best 🙂
    Your fabrics were my very first favorites when I started quilting. Thanks for all the awesome prints!!

  10. Judy says:

    Love the Splendid Sampler and your block! Then there’s your fabric lines… quilt on my bed right now is made from 4 Good Morning charm packs and a turquoise blue background… with a bright pink binding!

  11. Love your block!! Thanks for share.

  12. What a great block, and it truly has a reflective meaning. I could make one block as a tribute to my four grandbabies, another for my children, and the list goes on. An entire quilt of these special star blocks!