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Block Heads 2 ~ Block Four!

Can you believe it’s already been 4 weeks?

The new block is called Roman Cross.

It’s by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic. I can remember her first Quilt Market and the complexity of her booth set up. We were all taking bets on if she would ever finish before the doors opened! She has sure come a long way and has been so successful.

Please visit the Zen Chic blog to download your pattern.

Hope your keeping up and enjoying the free patterns. Were making our blocks with our new Badda Bing fabrics that ship soon. Pre-cuts will be for sale on our website as soon as they arrive.

Block Heads are the best!






Block Heads 2 ~ Block Three!

It’s the third week of Block Heads 2!

You’re going to love the newest block by Carrie Nelson and Moda fabrics.

The block is called Pennsylvania. I was born there and I remember it being very green, so we had to have some green in our block.

To download the newest pattern visit the Cutting Table Blog.

This block is super simple and goes together quickly. You might find yourself making more than one!

Have FUN!






Block Heads 2 ~ Block Two!

We’re totally feeling the Block Head thing!

Are you a Block Head yet?

We’ve been invited by our original Block Head friend, Lynne Hagmeier, to join in on the fun!

In the coming weeks 13 different Moda designers will be taking turns presenting a new block and pattern. You’ll have to visit their blogs every week to find the next pattern. Don’t worry we’ll be telling you who to visit each week.

This week it’s us and we have Block 2 ready for you!

It’s a Buckeye Beauty and the pattern is available here.

I’ll be doing my best to keep up and plan on going out on a bright limb. Our quilt will be made using one of our newest collections called Badda Bing. It’s full of cherries, small flowers and gingham. It ships to the Quilt Shops in August but we hope to have pre-cut bundles to offer you in July. We’ll also be offering a Bella Solid bundle of coordinating fabrics. So watch for news on that coming soon. We want you to be able to source the most current fabrics.

If you want to get started now, any of our previous collections will blend in nicely.

So BE the Block Head and enjoy the free pattern!






Double The Fun!

Did you know we have a new Double Wide Dresden Book that’s the perfect companion for the DWD Ruler?

It’s chocked full of fun things you can make with your Double Wide Dresden Ruler.

Creating unique and easy projects with the ruler is now even easier. No more figuring out fabric requirements and hoping that you have enough fabric for your project. We’ve done all the difficult work for you.

The Double Wide Dresden ruler makes Dresden wedges in half the time. You may think that the old Dresden ruler that’s hiding in your sewing kit is the same but no way!

Our 36 degree ruler makes the wedges “double wide” so now you only need 10 wedges versus the old fashioned 20. Since our wedges are double wide, it’s half the work and double the fun.

Double Wide Dresden now allows finishing both ends of the wedge.

So no raw edges AND a secondary star is formed in the center. There’s no need to applique one of those old circles in the center to cover the mess. With Double Wide there is no mess!

The 36 degree angle of the Double Wide changes everything. It’s now even possible to sew different size wedges together and create a fun new Dresden shape.

How about combining simple pieced blocks with Dresden Wedges?

Wedges cut from simple strip sets become a Beachball!

Sew many possibilities!

The new book contains 13+ ideas for making fresh and modern Dresdens.

The pair is a must and the book/ruler combo is only $40!

Some patterns are available for individual purchase but the best value is in the book. All individual patterns are included in the book.

Visit the “shop our store” page on the website to get yours today!

Happy Quilting!







You did it AGAIN!

Thanks for making our 12 Pack Quilts book such a hit!

Happy Quilting!






Block Heads 2 ~ Block One!

We’re so excited to have been invited to Block Heads round two! A special thanks to Lynne (an original block head) and dear friend for inviting us!

We saw so many beautiful blocks last time and can’t wait to make them every week.

I must admit though, you guys needed some brights in the mix!

Lynne from Kansas Troubles Quilting is debuting the first block on her blog today.

Please visit her blog to get the link for the Stellar Star pattern.

We’re also providing a link with Basic Instructions that will be helpful with all the patterns.

I’ve made Block One using our new Badda Bing fabric collection. It’s chocked full of cherries, small flowers and gingham.

The collection ships in August but we hope to have pre-cuts in late July.

We’ll have a limited number of fat quarter and fat eighth bundles for sale on our website as soon as they’re available. We wanted to use a very current collection so that you’ll be able to find the prints we’re using. Don’t worry if you want to get started now, our other collections will blend in nicely.

A coordinating Bella Solids bundle is in the works too!

This is sure to be another fabulous quilt that will be lots of fun! We can’t wait to see your blocks AND can’t wait to share ours in the upcoming weeks.

So proud to be a Block Head!!

Barb and Mary





You Did It Again!

Thanks for another book reprint!

How many does this make now? I’ve lost track, but I do know that we couldn’t have done it without your help and support!

Happy Quilting!





Mini Charm Quilts!

It’s time to celebrate another “charming” book!

This book is all about the mini charm and has 18 projects that start with 2.5 inch squares of joy!

I think most of you know, I don’t really save scraps. I like all my fabrics in neat tidy little piles and packets, so the mini charm is the perfect way for me to get a scrappy quilt. All I need to do is mix up a few collections and instant scrappy happens!

Our project is called “Four-Patch Chain” and uses 2 cheerful packs of mini charms. Our four-patches are set on point and the finished size is about 28 X 28 inches.

Lots of good things come in a mini size, like dogs!

Guess what? The royalties from this book will be donated to K-9 Comfort Dogs. What a great cause and it’s near and dear to my heart. These dogs visit disaster locations, community events and care facilities around the country wearing their “Please Pet Me” vests. So visit your favorite local quilt shop to get your copy or order online. You’ll not only have a great book but you’ll be supporting a great cause.

I know you’ll love this book!

To see more of the projects in this terrific book visit the Martingale Blog.

Happy Quilting!






Easy Layer Cake Quilts!

For us there couldn’t be a more fitting name for a fabric precut. After all, it’s our favorite dessert in the form of fabric, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

So it would make perfect sense for us to create a new book just to celebrate a wonderful precut!

This book feature 11 projects, each made using Layer Cakes. All the quilts are designed for confident beginners and beyond. None are overly time intensive, and most can be completed in a few days.

So what is a Layer Cake?

“Layer Cake” is a term trademarked by Moda Fabrics to describe a bundle of 42 precut fabric squares that measure 10 x 10 inches. Each Layer Cake usually contains at least one square of each fabric from an entire collection.

I  LOVE Layer Cakes … and here are a few reasons why!

1 ~ I love that fact that when I purchase a Layer Cake, I get a piece of everything in a fabric collection.

2 ~ I love that it’s an affordable way to buy fabric when I can’t decide which fabrics to buy off the bolt.

3 ~ I love that I can hide them in my purse when bringing them into the house. To keep my purchases top secret.

4 ~ I love that they fit easily in my stash.

5 ~ I love that when I talk about Layer Cakes, my husband thinks I’m talking about food.

6 ~ I love that sewing patterns that use Layer Cakes are fast, fun and easy.

7 ~ I love that I don’t have to have any idea of what I might be making when I purchase a Layer Cake.

I know I can find something to do with it in this book!

8 ~ I love Layer Cakes because I’d rather be sewing than cutting.

9 ~ I love Layer Cakes because I get 4 times the fabric of a Charm Square.

10 ~ I love Layer Cakes because they’re lo-cal!

We hope you enjoy our new book and can find a project or two to create something beautiful with your favorite Layer Cakes!

If your favorite Quilt Shop is sold out, you can order your copy here.

Happy Quilting!






Pajamas, Prints and Patterns!

We’ve been busy quilters lately and I have some things to catch up on and share!

First, It’s pajamas and that means a retreat!

We’re having another pajama party in Hamilton at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. retreat center.
We were there last year and had so much fun that they asked us back again.

So if you’ve always wanted to visit Hamilton and the shops OR if you just want to sew and have a good time join us. Who knows you might like to do both!

Visit the Eventbrite website for all the details and to sign up.

Second, it’s new prints!

Mary and I have done our first Halloween fabric group! It’s showing to the shop owners now.

It’s a scary collection of nostalgic, whimsical and connect the dots prints.

You could have so much fun connecting these dots with a Frixion pen over and over again.

So please tell your favorite local quilt shop to be on the lookout. It will ship this July.

Third, is new patterns!

Did you know we have a new book that goes with our Double Wide Dresden Ruler?

There are 13 projects to create unique designs with your ruler.

The Book and Ruler Combo set is on sale for only $40. Visit our shop by clicking the drop down menu in the upper left corner of this page.

Our friends at Moda fabrics are having a giveaway to help us celebrate. Visit the Moda Cutting Table Blog for the details and to enter.

All caught up now!

See you at Missouri Star this February!



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