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OLFA Creates!

We’ve been using OLFA products since we began to quilt over 35 years ago. We also carried them exclusively in our Quilt Shop.

This year we’ve been invited to join the 2020 OLFA team!

Its such an honor to be a small part of this team. Throughout the year we’ll get to try out the latest products and share them with all of you.

January’s newest item in the OLFA line up is the Beginner Craft Knife.

Some of you may already know that many of our fabric designs, especially our whimsical flowers, start with simple shapes cut from paper.

I usually do all my cutting with scissors but decided to try out the new Craft Knife. Now … I’m not a person that likes change BUT this new tool actually worked out very well. Cutting shapes this way could lead to a new and hard working relationship.

The knife is easy to use and I love the cute little egg shaped base to store my tool. There’s even a place on the underside of the knife holder to store my used blades.

This tool is a keeper!

Happy Designing!


2 responses to “OLFA Creates!”

  1. quiltfru says:

    That sounds to be a very useful knife. Must be great for fussy cutting. Have to get one. Birgitt

  2. Monica says:

    This tool sounds like I’ll have to add to my collection.