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New Patterns ~ Now Available!

We have 5 new patterns for market this time!

We have been sewing, and sewing, and sewing market samples!!!
Here is what the Hampton Bags look like lined up in my sewing room!

And some cute Iron Cozies…

And some Village Bags…

They will all be in our shipping crate very soon and on their way to Houston!

Order your patterns today!


6 responses to “New Patterns ~ Now Available!”

  1. Janet says:

    Great patterns – I’ve made a couple of bags and they were a lot of work; however, there is nothing like having a designer bag! I tell everyone I know about your great patterns and absolutely gorgeous fabric!

  2. Lisa says:

    How pretty are those! I’ll take one in every color please;-)

  3. QuilterMary says:

    LOVE the Hampton Bag and really love the look of all of them hanging together. Wish I was going to Market – could really use some M&MSD chap stick!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I love your fabrics and have most of them. I made my granddaughter a quilt out of SPring Fever plus a pillow, tag blanket and yoyo puppy. Right colors for a baby girl. I also have Clementine, Happy, Birdie and waiting for Dilly Dally. when will it be out? I love the bags. From the title I am assuming they patterns are out now. I will look for them.
    Did I mention that I love your fabrics? LOL. Lucky for the shop owners to get to go to Houston.

  5. corinne says:

    Cute bags,I really like the band on top of the bags

  6. Paul says:

    You two design the cutest fabrics. I love them. Can’t wait to find it at my LQS.