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Market Booth Roll Call!

Welcome to the twice yearly Moda Designer Booth Roll Call!
There were 22 of us who had booths this time and we all somehow managed to get lots of new patterns designed and quilts sewn.

Here are those booths, starting with us and going clockwise around the Moda area …

Me and My Sister Designs!


Mary is deep in thought and spending time in the booth. I have to admit that I left her there a lot while I walked around talking. But she made the mistake of wearing new shoes the first day and suffered with several large blisters. Rule number one … never wear new shoes to market!

On the corner next to us was one of the newest designers …

Gina Martin! She was really nice and Mary and I were in awe that she used to work for Hallmark. She sews too! We talked her into dining with a group of us one night and we felt like she was already just one of the gang.

Next is our dear friend Sandy Klop and American Jane!


Her quilts are always so beautiful and intricate. I love her sense of color! Many of Sandy’s quilts were recently featured in a very prestigious California quilt show. We all know why!



Karla and Lisa came this time without Susan. We missed her but enjoyed our time visiting together. Their new “Wishes” quilts are too cute! Love those “sweeties”! We will be seeing them again very soon in Portland and we’re cruising with Karla in January.

Smack dab in the middle of the first row is Kate Spain!


She made this quilt all by herself. Funny how just a few markets ago she didn’t sew at all.  The back of the quilt is just as cute as the front and says “get out of bed”! So glad your catching the quilting bug Kate!

Thimbleblossoms and CottonWay are next and on the corner.


Camille brought her darling husband (not shown) again this time! The quilts are beautiful and I can’t believe she found the time to make those miniatures. We missed seeing Bonnie but I’m hopeful to see her next market! Love that fabric trimmed umbrella too.

Across the aisle is Kansas Troubles!


Lynne is such a great person and her husband Robert (Birthday Boy) helps us all whenever possible. By the look on Robert’s face I think he’s trying to be invisible. He probably thinks that I’m going to ask him for another favor rather than a photo. Maybe he just doesn’t want me to sing Happy Birthday to him again. Lynne is working on a new book! It’s sure to be another great one.

Laundry Basket Quilts is next!


I love Edyta’s new new quilts! They might even inspire me to do some applique. Love those cars! Such a talented lady and Mary and I might just get to do some traveling and teaching with her next year. Maybe I’ll wait on starting that new project and try to talk her into making me the car quilt. Do you think I might have a chance?

Kathy Schmitz is next …


She is just as nice in person as she looks in this picture! I really like this blue and brown color palette too. She has a very cute and infectious laugh, maybe more like a giggle, that goes with that smile!

On the next corner is Alma of Blackbird Designs …


I unfortunately missed getting Barb in the picture because she had to leave a bit early and my picture taking was a bit late. Their quilts are always so beautiful! Love these new shades of lavender and the alphabet sampler! I promise to get Barb in the picture next time.

Jan Patek is on the opposite corner!


Jan is one of the Moda designers that has been with the company the longest. She is so laid back and comfortable to be around. Makes you just want to pull up a chair and chat. She had an unfortunate encounter with a very large rain puddle on the way in one morning that stranded her for a while and had her husband chasing the spare tire that was floating down the street.

First booth down the next side is Fig Tree & Co …


Joanna brought along her cute husband Eric again. I really like her new “pear” quilt. You can see part of it right behind Eric’s shoulder. Just might have to make this quilt too! These two have the most beautiful “figlet” children.

French General is next …


Minus Kari! Once again I wasn’t fast enough with the camera. Great reds! I promise to get pictures early next time.

BasicGrey is next!


Allison is the super fun sales manager for BasicGrey. She is showing their newest fabric group “Little Black Dress II. She also confided in us that she has made a baby quilt using our fabrics! How cool is that. It must be fun representing such a talented bunch.

Deb Strain!


Deb is another designer that has been designing for Moda a long time! A sweeter person you will never find. Got to chat with her this market about all her grand kids and how much she enjoys babysitting them. The new Valentine quilt to her right has pockets for collecting Valentine cards!

Then its on to Polly and Laurie!


We are usually fortunate enough to be neighbors with these girls! Missed being next to this other pair of sisters. Laurie gave a hand quilting demonstration throughout the show. I would have enjoyed sitting there watching her stitch. Or maybe I should say that “Mary” and her blistered feet would have enjoyed sitting next to Laurie.

Another new designer is next …


Janet! She had the most lovely British accent and was so friendly. I think Moda must pre screen these new designers to make sure they are all nice!

Around the corner to Zen Chic …


Love this new group and Bridgett! Blue and yellow are the best together. She came from Germany without her husband/driver this time and traveled the bus system the whole time she was in Houston. What a brave gal.

Pat Sloan is next!


Great picture showing Pat’s sparking personality! I also like her new turquoise and red color palette. Don’t forget to listen in to Pat’s quilting radio show for APQ.

V and Co is across the way!


I wish I had gotten a better picture of the sewing machine quilt to her right. It’s gigantic and very cute. Lots of new projects from this gal. She really does have cute hair too.

Onto Primitive Gatherings!


Lisa is so nice! And queen of wool! I got to talk with her this market longer than I have in the past. I never realized that they dye all the wool she sells. What a huge job that must be. She will be staying for Quilt Festival and will bump the backside of the booth back to include 4 spaces. Her new fabrics will be showing very soon.

And last but not least, our “Bunny Hill” neighbor …


Anne! Everyone loved her new red and white Holiday collection! I loved the redwork. I don’t know if you can see it very well, but on that quilt behind Anne, just to the left of the “Believe” pillow are the cutest little snow people under a cake plate. We’ll be seeing Anne in a few days in Portland also.

And that wraps up another market roll call. See you in a few months in Pittsburgh!

I’ll make sure Mary doesn’t wear new shoes this time. Or I’ll bring plenty of bandaids!



10 responses to “Market Booth Roll Call!”

  1. Fran Dill says:

    Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Christine B. says:

    Fabulous tour! Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Conchita says:

    WOW too much to look at! My eye are going round and round, lol. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Jackie R. says:

    Fantastic 😀 Loved the photos and words! I appreciate your sharing, thank you.

  5. Mary Jo Jones says:

    Love all you Moda designers…such talent!

  6. Wow, you must have been hyperventilating to see all these amazing designers with their displays, one after another! Each has their own unique style and color palette, and you can recognize them instantly by their work. Thanks for taking time to photograph and share! I hope Mary’s poor tootsies are feeling better.

  7. VickiT says:

    What a wonderful recap. Thank you. I ADORE that car quilt and must now go find the pattern which is hopefully available somewhere. It’s perfect for my almost 2 yr old Grandson.

  8. Daniela Kirk says:

    How lovely the M&MS Booth looks!!
    Thanks for Sharing.

  9. Laura Brown says:

    Thanks for the pictures! They are great! Looks like everyone was having a great time!! And seriously, I need that safety Pin!! Where in the world did you find that!

  10. Camille says:

    You have the best Market recaps!! And you are awesome. So there’s that too. 🙂