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Lucky Charm Quilts!

We’re honored to be included in this newest Moda All Stars book!

All the quilts in this fantastic new book are made using either 1, 2 or 3 charm packs.

Moda-All-Stars-Lucky-Charm-Quilts copy

You don’t need a huge fabric stash to achieve a dynamic scrappy look … just a few charm packs and this book!

Our quilt uses 2 Charm Packs and is called “Two Pack Buzz”!

Two-Pack-Buzz-by-Barbara-Groves-and-Mary-Jacobson copy

You’ll get a “buzz” using charm packs when making our spin on the traditional Buzz Saw block. I love seeing traditional designs done in bright colors.

These little packs of joy make projects ranging from table toppers to lap-sized quilts.

Moda-All-Stars-Lucky-Charm-Quilts-interior copy

Tips and tricks from each designer are included to help you show off your unique collection of charm squares.

One of my favorite quilts in the book, besides ours of course, was made by our friends at Sweetwater.

Sweet-Stripes-by-Karla-Eisenach copy

There is a giveaway going on too! Visit the Martingale Blog for the details on how to enter.


So … if you’ve been wondering what you should make with all those charm packs you’ve collected over the years, this book is for you!

Be super charming!


6 responses to “Lucky Charm Quilts!”

  1. Such a great book, I have so many hoarded charm packs and am on a mission to use them. I’ve already taken a ‘peek’ at this on one of the book sites. And I’ll have one in my possession soon….watching the mailbox!

  2. Hildy says:

    I need this book because I have a few or a few more charm packs;-) I’ve pre-ordered mine but it’s still not arrived but I hope it’ll be here soon.

  3. Christine B. says:

    Looks a fabulous book…. I will probably have to add it to my library of quilt books! Christine x

  4. Amanda Best says:

    I have quite a few charm packs, that I have collected over the past several years, and this book looks like the perfect solution to using them and not just keeping them in their cute little basket. I hope to get a copy soon!

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    Love the idea of charm quilts by number of packs. I love the one by Sweetwater after yours, of course.

  6. LeeAnne DeLucia says:

    I can never decide what to make with charm packs! I love charm packs. I have a ton. I want to make so many things but my mind goes in so many different directions, lol. Yes, I could use this book!