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It’s Been A Long Time Coming….

I am finally blogging!

When Mary and I decided that we were going to start blogging, some ground rules were set…..the first was that this was not to become a blog about my dog ~ Bella. I will just get this over with and post our very first picture of who else but



Now that I’ve broken rule number one by posting her picture, I might as well break rule number two by telling you that she’s the cutest dog on the planet!!!

I feel so free ~ I’ve already broken the first two rules!!!
I’m sure I will look back on this first post as looking very primitive in the years to come ~ but a girl has to start somewhere!

I hope that you continue to join us along our designing and quilting journey. I will break many of the rules that Mary and I agreed on ~ but that’s half the fun!
Breaking rules has always been a favorite pastime and I know that Mary really loves Bella!

Lets talk again soon! ~ Barb

3 responses to “It’s Been A Long Time Coming….”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Dog lovers are the best! Glad you broke rule #1 and showed us.

  2. Vicky says:

    Penny says HI to Bella. What a precious dog! I think it’s only proper tht she be your first picture!! The blog looks great! Congrats on getting her going!

  3. SD Janet says:

    Some of the best posts on blogs I’ve read are about the pets. We have 2 cats and a dog that fill our lives with funnies every day. I went to the bathroom today and there was a toy mouse in the stool. Thank goodness it was clean water. lol Peanut loves to play in water and I always try to remember to shut the lid, but hubby’s not so good about it. More Bella pictures are welcome!