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Filming With Jenny!

Hey quilters!
Mary and I recently had the opportunity to film a short video with Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company!

We had a great time and if you knew some of the things to look for in the film it gets funny.

Here are the events leading up to this video …
Mary and I rented a car in St. Louis the morning after Quilt Market and drove to Hamilton. We got a slow start out of St. Louis because the renal car place was swamped.

On the way the weather changed and it started to rain. Traffic slowed and it became apparent, that we would just barely roll into town on time for our scheduled 2 o’clock appointment.

About a half hour out of town and at about 1:45 we started getting texts saying “where are you?”

We kept saying don’t worry we’ll be there!
We rolled into town about a half hour late, ran with 2 suitcase’s full of quilts up a narrow old staircase and into Jenny’s filming studio where the whole team greeted us with smiles and offers to help.

About 5 minutes later we were on camera with no chance for a wardrobe change!
If you look closely we look like we just got out of a car after a long drive!

1 ~ Notice the flat unbrushed rain hair?

2 ~ No make up?

3 ~ Marys unbuttoned blouse sleeve?

But it was so much fun and we would do it again anytime! They were all so helpful and friendly!

Hope that you enjoy the video and our new Double Wide Dresden Ruler!

Since filming the video we also have put together a new book …


Look for them both!

Oh the memories!



9 responses to “Filming With Jenny!”

  1. Pam says:

    Enjoyed your tutorial with Jenny! You sisters are a hoot! Love the double wide Dresden ruler and the Quilted items shown… my favorite is the birthday table runner.

  2. Debbie Gallett says:

    I watched it and loved it. I wasn’t too clear on how you sewed them down. I think you said you used an edge foot. So is this a special foot so you can sew right along the edge of the applique with a straight stitch?

  3. What a fun video, I can tell you all had a blast! I’ve been wanting to get that ruler since you first shared it, and I keep forgetting. The versatility seems endless, and of course you and Mary are so clever in finding new ways to use it. I’m putting a sticky note on my forehead so I’ll remember to get the ruler…and the book!

  4. Kathy Combs says:

    After watching your video with Jenny I said to myself like they just got up and did the video!! Love the spontaneous way you pulled it together! I tried to by the ruler but every sight I went to was sold out! I was also thinking it would be great to have all your patterns in a book!! So glad you did that!! I’ll be purchasing it very soon!!

  5. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Loved the video and even more so now knowing what went on “behind the scenes”. My sister Nancy and I love your fabrics, and I have a Moda Bake Shop pattern in the works with Confetti! And as my sister said, “Aaaaggghhhh! My favorite fabric designers AND Jenny in one video! It is almost too much fun!” Thanks for this post and for the video. Can’t wait to get the double wide!

  6. Marg Downey says:

    Loved the happy video and the easy Dresden, didn’t even notice the flat hair etc. The blue blouse looked so pretty on screen. Just wasn’t sure how you finished off the centre. Enjoy the good times. Great to see Jenny having guests. She is the quintessional tutor, knowing how to use the camera and keep to explicit instructions. THanks me and my sisters, have another lovely blog to visit.

  7. Lau. says:

    Bonjour,(Désolée je ne parle pas anglais !!! )
    Pourriez-vous m’indiqué où trouver en France (ou en Europe)votre super “Double Wide Dresden Ruler” introuvable sur internet et en rupture de stock sur les sites américain qui veille bien expédié en France??
    D’avance merci de votre réponse.
    Cordialement, Lau.

  8. Trish Doble says:

    love, love, this double Dresden. I am going to add it to my collection. It was one of my friend who was my other mothers favorite pattern. If she was here we would be making them now I will pass it on to my children.
    Great video with Jenny

  9. Trish Doble says:

    love, love this video with Jenny of Missouri Star quilt company. what a fun idea. Can not wait to add it to my collection.

    Royalton, MN