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Double The Fun!

Did you know we have a new Double Wide Dresden Book that’s the perfect companion for the DWD Ruler?

It’s chocked full of fun things you can make with your Double Wide Dresden Ruler.

Creating unique and easy projects with the ruler is now even easier. No more figuring out fabric requirements and hoping that you have enough fabric for your project. We’ve done all the difficult work for you.

The Double Wide Dresden ruler makes Dresden wedges in half the time. You may think that the old Dresden ruler that’s hiding in your sewing kit is the same but no way!

Our 36 degree ruler makes the wedges “double wide” so now you only need 10 wedges versus the old fashioned 20. Since our wedges are double wide, it’s half the work and double the fun.

Double Wide Dresden now allows finishing both ends of the wedge.

So no raw edges AND a secondary star is formed in the center. There’s no need to applique one of those old circles in the center to cover the mess. With Double Wide there is no mess!

The 36 degree angle of the Double Wide changes everything. It’s now even possible to sew different size wedges together and create a fun new Dresden shape.

How about combining simple pieced blocks with Dresden Wedges?

Wedges cut from simple strip sets become a Beachball!

Sew many possibilities!

The new book contains 13+ ideas for making fresh and modern Dresdens.

The pair is a must and the book/ruler combo is only $40!

Some patterns are available for individual purchase but the best value is in the book. All individual patterns are included in the book.

Visit the “shop our store” page on the website to get yours today!

Happy Quilting!



6 responses to “Double The Fun!”

  1. Beautiful! Christine xx

  2. Little Quiltsong says:

    Love this book! I am working on two patterns from there right at this minute! Was going to give a sneak peek of one of them next week on IG! Watch for it :)!

  3. Barbar Esposito, TheQuiltedB says:

    I purchased the ruler and book and then, good sister that I am, gave it to my sister…and she took it instead of her usual, “oh no, I can’t…Please, YOU keep it” speech so I had to let her keep it…Must get my own! LOVE all you do with the ruler and of course, I adore your fabrics!

  4. Maureen Elsey says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

  5. sisters says:

    So sorry but we are unable to ship to Canada.
    The best way to get the product is to order from the Fat Quarter Shop or Missouri Star. We don’t have the staff that they do to complete all the paperwork and such.

    Thanks for your support!

  6. sisters says:

    Thanks so much!
    My sister would do the same!