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Day 11 ~ Pillow Talk ~ Our Day!

Good Morning!!

Day is dawning … and it’s finally our day … Day 11!

I have been so excited to share some little secrets about Mary’s sleeping habits that I could hardly wait!

After all … I’ve known her since she was a baby.

Just look at that grin on my face. I told her she would look better in the picture if she wore those things on her eyes.

But business first … Here is our pillow …

Our good friend Laurie did the great machine applique.

… a KNOWN fact about me is that I can’t applique a stitch and have flunked out of three classes. So those who can’t do … beg a friend.

Mary and I were each given the task of finding 4 charms that represented us and sew them onto the pillow.

We both started with our initials …

I choose a Volkswagen because it was my first car …

Mary chose a cupcake with a diamond!

Enough about the pillow …

Pillow Fight!!!

I was an x ray tech for 23 years and never saw a naked person, or almost naked person who looked good!

So I sleep in full pajama shirt and pants every night. Never know when you might need an x ray.

I also sleep with socks on because I have big pointy toes that get caught in the covers.

Mary sleeps in these now a days … This is a photo of her closet loaded with them! She slept topless as a child.

Not much difference.

Just like her PINK perma press blouses … she has at least 15 PINK nighties!

Mary is also like the princess in that story about the Princess and the Pea … very delicate.

I share a hotel room with her when we travel. She is a very good roommate.

If you don’t mind all the snoring!

The person that I would most like to have a pillow fight with is that cute guy from the show White Collar …

Mary’s pillow fight dream would be with …

Just kidding!!!

OK now for the fun!!

Leave a comment below …  answering the two questions below …  and you could WIN THIS QUILT!

It’s made using our new Dilly Dally fabrics that have just shipped to a quilt store near you and our Easy as 7  8  9  pattern. It’s the perfect size to snuggle up with.

Cat hair included!

Question 1 … What do you think is Mary’s favorite color ?

Question 2 …. Who’s feet are on the left ??

Good luck to all!!

Wish ME luck that Mary does not read this post.

The winner will be chosen on Monday February 21st.

Nighty Nite!

Hop on over and visit Minick and Simpson tomorrow morning for Day 12!

Me and My Sister love Minick and Simpson!

Can’t wait to see what they sleep in!


711 responses to “Day 11 ~ Pillow Talk ~ Our Day!”

  1. I’ve just started quilting but have been sewing for years. Your fabric and designs are for the young at heart. When you walk into the quilt shop you know where Me and Mysister are! So wonderful that you bring such happiness into a room. What a gift.

  2. I highly suspect that Mary’s fave colour is Pink…
    And going by the toes… I’d say Barb’s feet are on my left 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your lush quilt – it’s gorgeous!!!
    Dilly Dally is just beautiful, I will have to go and check out my local quilting shop to see if they have it in.

  3. Cindy O'Connell says:

    After reading your blog I would say Mary’s favorite color is PINK!!! and the toes on the left would be Barb’s. They look kinda pointy to me :)(not really, but just going by what you said about them LOL) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter your contest. The quilt is just beautiful!!!

  4. Dawn Ramirez says:

    LOVE this fabric.
    Mary’s favorite color is blue.
    Barb’s feet. THAT is my best guess!
    I’d so love to win this fabric – thanks for the fun blog post.

  5. Melissa says:

    I can’t believe you are giving away a quilt! Love it! Mary’s favorite color is pink. No idea about the feet – I guess Mary’s toes are on the left. ????

  6. Shelley C says:

    Pink and Barb’s….they look pointier ? 🙂

  7. Irina says:

    this quilt is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!! I’d love to be locky and have it sent over here!!!
    Mary’s fav colour must be….. pink…. and those pointy toes on the left are Barb’s…

  8. Debra says:

    I think her favorite color is Aqua.

  9. Debra says:

    Guessing mary’s feet ore on the left.

  10. Wendy Ouellette says:

    What a fun post. Were we supposed to get a link for the pillow you contributed to Pillow Talk. I can’t find it and I have 2 sisters with upcoming birthdays. A perfect gift!

  11. Connie says:

    I think Mary’s favorite color is pink, why else would she have so many pink nighties?? Those are her feet under the Big S in Sisters.

    Beautiful fabric and quilt! I’m used to cat hair, we have 2.