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Confetti Swatches!

The new Confetti fabric swatches are on the website NOW!

Just click on the “fabrics for moda” page to see all the new lovelies and ask for them at your favorite local Quilt Store!

They ship this coming January 2018.

We have new patterns too …

This quilt is super easy to make with a Jellyroll.

And a “re new” of an old favorite!

Because you asked for it we brought it back!

Happy Quilting!


4 responses to “Confetti Swatches!”

  1. These are such darling prints! Being the dot freak that I am, this line of course is among my faves.

  2. PAMELA BRUCE says:

    such a lovely pattern I have seen it demonstrated on you tube, bought the pattern, printed a copy, messed it up hoping to print another copy but it is not on my computer now. I have only had it a couple of days!!
    Are they removed after printing.

    Thank you
    Pamela Bruce

  3. PAMELA BRUCE says:

    Super project

  4. sisters says:

    Hi Pamela!
    I looked through all our orders for the past month and don’t see one from you. Was it placed under another name?
    Or from another vendor?
    I’d like to send you another download link but I’ll need more information.