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Block Heads 2 ~ Blocks 14 and 15!

Hello Block Heads!
This week we have something special to announce. For the month of September we’ll be paired with our original Block Head, the designer who invited us to this party! To help us celebrate, you’ll be getting two wonderful blocks each week.

Block 14 is designed by our friend and fellow Moda designer Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters.

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing and loving Lynne over 15 years now, she’s one of our favorites.

You’d think that with our totally different styles and color palettes, we wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to each other. But guess what? We both understand and speak the language of loving all fabrics!

Please visit Lynne and her blog to get her newest free pattern.

Block 15 is designed by us.

I’ve had the pleasure of designing with my sister for over 25 years now. We started all those years ago when we quickly decided to change the pattern in our first quilting class! Just slightly, but never the less changing it up.

To get our newest free pattern click here.

We hope that your enjoying all the free patterns with Block Heads 2!
If you’ve been keeping up … Great! But it’s never to later to be a Block Head.

We have some fabulous blocks coming every week for the entire year. I’ve seen most of them and you don’t want to miss out!

We’ve been using our new Badda Bing fabrics in our blocks. Please visit your local Quilt Shop to stock up but if that’s not possible, we’ve got a limited number of the Bella solid bundles we’ve been using.

And the print bundles we’ve been using in our shop.

So thankful to Lynne for inviting us to be a Block Head!


Happy Quilting!



2 responses to “Block Heads 2 ~ Blocks 14 and 15!”

  1. susan says:

    That makes such a cute block in your colors. I do like that new fabric line.

  2. Shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing! We are loving what we’ve seen of your Confetti line but are having a hard time finding it.