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And The Winner Is …

Thanks for all the great comments!
Mary and I had such fun reading and laughing all your LIES!!!

You guys are really good at it!

Here’s to all of you that weigh what you want to, never buy fabric, and have spotless homes!

So without further delay …

The winner of the Amelia fat eighth bundle is …

Rachel D!

I really hope I don’t win this giveaway.


We are having an issue with WordPress … along with many others. So the winner will need to email me this time!

When you leave a comment on our blog, it is no longer being emailed to me. Hope this problem is fixed soon and the lines of communication can start flowing again!

PS … If anyone else is having this problem with WordPress and knows how to fix it … let me know!!!

Thanks everyone!


8 responses to “And The Winner Is …”

  1. Oh my! Rachel D is a better liar than I am!

    I don’t use WordPress, but I’m having that same problem! I thought I might have changed some setting somewhere, but maybe Blogger and WordPress are getting flaky together. Ugh!


  2. Kritta22 says:

    Congrats !!!
    I’m bummed it doesn’t say kritta22. I’m just saying!

  3. LOL that was a whopper of a lie! Congrat’s to Rachel D!

  4. Congratulations to Rachel!


  5. Christine B. says:

    That was a good lie, Rachel! Congratulations!!

  6. Elizabeth E. says:

    It’s in your settings–but you can still go into the Comments on your dashboard and do a search for her name and pull up her email address. Looks like someone flipped a switch on your somewhere on the email settings.

    Check here in your Dashboard: Settings, then Discussion. There should be a box about when you should receive emails. Make sure the boxes you want are checked.

    Hope this helps–
    Elizabeth E.

  7. Tracy says:

    Congrats! Sorry I missed this contest! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this line.