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4 Patch Dresden Template!

We’ve designed a new companion template for our original Double Wide Dresden Book and Ruler!

It’s called the Double Wide 4 Patch Dresden Template!

The original ruler still makes the Dresden wedges faster, easier and fun to make!

It’s still available with the project book but we’ve decided to take your designing to the next level!
What if it was easy to create more complicated designs within the actual Dresden wedge itself?

Here’s how easy it is …

Lets start with some 3 inch fabric squares and the template.

Sew a 4 Patch and place the diagonal lines on the template over the stitch lines. The template should be placed so that the fabric you want at the tip of the wedge is under the wider edge of the template as shown.

I’ve decided to place a solid fabric in each of my four patches, in the same position every time, to create a repeating design at the tip of each wedge.

Using a rotary cutter, cut out the wedge and follow the standard instructions included with the template for completing the wedge.

I’ve changed the colors in my four patch but kept the solid fabric at the tip in each wedge.

After I sew my wedges together, I get a beautiful design that looks like I did some really complicated sewing!

And it was sew easy!

What if …

I used the same fabric for the body of the wedge and the tip? I’ve added different shades of blue to create a ribbon that will run all along the outside edge of my Dresden plate!

I accidentally turned my template around and as you can see with the single wedge on the far right, I created a completely different design! I’ll save this one for another project.

This template is perfect for making original and unique designs!

The Double Wide 4 Patch Dresden Template comes with a free pattern for the project you see here …

These scrappy wedges are cut from charm squares sewn together.

How much easier can this get?

The original book and ruler updated and made the traditional Dresden easy, but now with the companion template, things get super fun!

The basic instructions for making a wedge comes with the template. But YOUR imagination is the limit from here!

Some helpful tips … 1 ~ A turn table cutting mat is helpful but not necessary. 2 ~ Try using a smaller 25 mm rotary cutter. 3 ~ A point turner is VERY helpful. 4 ~ When turning wedges, open the seam with your thumb as far up against the as point possible. Pinch and then turn. This does 99 per cent of the work and after a quick push with a point turner, the job is perfectly done. 5 ~ Add four of those rubber ruler grips to each of the four quadrants of the template. It helps eliminate slipping and rocking of the template along the seam lines.

Time to get out some pink …

Order yours today!


One response to “4 Patch Dresden Template!”

  1. Peggy Giese says:

    Great creative idea!! I make 2 patches all the time with left-overs. Now I know something so ADORABLE to do with them!! THANKS GALS!