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You Did It Again!

Thanks for another book reprint!

How many does this make now? I’ve lost track, but I do know that we couldn’t have done it without your help and support!

Happy Quilting!





Mini Charm Quilts!

It’s time to celebrate another “charming” book!

This book is all about the mini charm and has 18 projects that start with 2.5 inch squares of joy!

I think most of you know, I don’t really save scraps. I like all my fabrics in neat tidy little piles and packets, so the mini charm is the perfect way for me to get a scrappy quilt. All I need to do is mix up a few collections and instant scrappy happens!

Our project is called “Four-Patch Chain” and uses 2 cheerful packs of mini charms. Our four-patches are set on point and the finished size is about 28 X 28 inches.

Lots of good things come in a mini size, like dogs!

Guess what? The royalties from this book will be donated to K-9 Comfort Dogs. What a great cause and it’s near and dear to my heart. These dogs visit disaster locations, community events and care facilities around the country wearing their “Please Pet Me” vests. So visit your favorite local quilt shop to get your copy or order online. You’ll not only have a great book but you’ll be supporting a great cause.

I know you’ll love this book!

To see more of the projects in this terrific book visit the Martingale Blog.

Happy Quilting!






Easy Layer Cake Quilts!

For us there couldn’t be a more fitting name for a fabric precut. After all, it’s our favorite dessert in the form of fabric, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

So it would make perfect sense for us to create a new book just to celebrate a wonderful precut!

This book feature 11 projects, each made using Layer Cakes. All the quilts are designed for confident beginners and beyond. None are overly time intensive, and most can be completed in a few days.

So what is a Layer Cake?

“Layer Cake” is a term trademarked by Moda Fabrics to describe a bundle of 42 precut fabric squares that measure 10 x 10 inches. Each Layer Cake usually contains at least one square of each fabric from an entire collection.

I  LOVE Layer Cakes … and here are a few reasons why!

1 ~ I love that fact that when I purchase a Layer Cake, I get a piece of everything in a fabric collection.

2 ~ I love that it’s an affordable way to buy fabric when I can’t decide which fabrics to buy off the bolt.

3 ~ I love that I can hide them in my purse when bringing them into the house. To keep my purchases top secret.

4 ~ I love that they fit easily in my stash.

5 ~ I love that when I talk about Layer Cakes, my husband thinks I’m talking about food.

6 ~ I love that sewing patterns that use Layer Cakes are fast, fun and easy.

7 ~ I love that I don’t have to have any idea of what I might be making when I purchase a Layer Cake.

I know I can find something to do with it in this book!

8 ~ I love Layer Cakes because I’d rather be sewing than cutting.

9 ~ I love Layer Cakes because I get 4 times the fabric of a Charm Square.

10 ~ I love Layer Cakes because they’re lo-cal!

We hope you enjoy our new book and can find a project or two to create something beautiful with your favorite Layer Cakes!

If your favorite Quilt Shop is sold out, you can order your copy here.

Happy Quilting!






Pajamas, Prints and Patterns!

We’ve been busy quilters lately and I have some things to catch up on and share!

First, It’s pajamas and that means a retreat!

We’re having another pajama party in Hamilton at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. retreat center.
We were there last year and had so much fun that they asked us back again.

So if you’ve always wanted to visit Hamilton and the shops OR if you just want to sew and have a good time join us. Who knows you might like to do both!

Visit the Eventbrite website for all the details and to sign up.

Second, it’s new prints!

Mary and I have done our first Halloween fabric group! It’s showing to the shop owners now.

It’s a scary collection of nostalgic, whimsical and connect the dots prints.

You could have so much fun connecting these dots with a Frixion pen over and over again.

So please tell your favorite local quilt shop to be on the lookout. It will ship this July.

Third, is new patterns!

Did you know we have a new book that goes with our Double Wide Dresden Ruler?

There are 13 projects to create unique designs with your ruler.

The Book and Ruler Combo set is on sale for only $40. Visit our shop by clicking the drop down menu in the upper left corner of this page.

Our friends at Moda fabrics are having a giveaway to help us celebrate. Visit the Moda Cutting Table Blog for the details and to enter.

All caught up now!

See you at Missouri Star this February!






All In A Row Blog Hop … AGAIN!

Join us today on a Blog Hop!

The hop stops have been lots of fun and there are some great prizes!

All the proceeds for the book sales go to Give Kids the World Village, so lots of people win!

Today is our day!

Mary designed our row inspired by the old San Francisco row houses. It seemed like brightly colored houses would be a perfect fit.

But we couldn’t decide on solids or prints … so we did both!

Our 3 favorite rows from the book are …

Hedgehog Run by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs

Little Beach Houses by Sweetwater

Midnight in the Woods by Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs


I think this book is even better than the first!

Visit the Martingale and Moda blogs below for all the details and a list of the prizes.

Here’s the schedule …

November 13

Martingale: http://blog.shopmartingale.com/

Moda: http://blog.modafabrics.com/


November 14

Pat Sloan: http://blog.patsloan.com/

Janet Clare: http://janetclare.co.uk/blog/

Corey Yoder: http://littlemissshabby.com/

November 15

Laurie Simpson: http://minickandsimpson.blogspot.com/

Stacy lest Hsu: https://www.stacyiesthsu.com/blog/


November 16

Anne Sutton: http://bunnyhillblog.com/

Alma Allen: http://www.blackbird-designs.com/


November 17

Lynne Hagmeier: http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/

Betsy Chutchian: http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/


November 18

Deb Strain: https://www.instagram.com/debstrain/

Kathy Schmitz: http://kathyschmitzstudio.blogspot.com/


November 19
Sandy Klop: https://www.instagram.com/sandyklop/

Sandy Gervais: http://piecesfrommyheart-sgervais.blogspot.com/


November 20

Brenda Riddle: http://brendariddle.blogspot.com/

Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson

November 21

Karla Eisenach: https://www.thesweetwaterco.com/the-sweetwater-blog/

Camille Roskelley: https://www.instagram.com/thimbleblossoms/


November 22

Sheri McConnell: http://www.aquiltinglife.com/

Kate Spain: http: https://www.instagram.com/katespain/


November 24

Lissa Alexander: http://modalissa.com/

Lisa Bongean: https://lisabongean.com/


Good luck!





Filming With Jenny!

Hey quilters!
Mary and I recently had the opportunity to film a short video with Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company!

We had a great time and if you knew some of the things to look for in the film it gets funny.

Here are the events leading up to this video …
Mary and I rented a car in St. Louis the morning after Quilt Market and drove to Hamilton. We got a slow start out of St. Louis because the renal car place was swamped.

On the way the weather changed and it started to rain. Traffic slowed and it became apparent, that we would just barely roll into town on time for our scheduled 2 o’clock appointment.

About a half hour out of town and at about 1:45 we started getting texts saying “where are you?”

We kept saying don’t worry we’ll be there!
We rolled into town about a half hour late, ran with 2 suitcase’s full of quilts up a narrow old staircase and into Jenny’s filming studio where the whole team greeted us with smiles and offers to help.

About 5 minutes later we were on camera with no chance for a wardrobe change!
If you look closely we look like we just got out of a car after a long drive!

1 ~ Notice the flat unbrushed rain hair?

2 ~ No make up?

3 ~ Marys unbuttoned blouse sleeve?

But it was so much fun and we would do it again anytime! They were all so helpful and friendly!

Hope that you enjoy the video and our new Double Wide Dresden Ruler!

Since filming the video we also have put together a new book …


Look for them both!

Oh the memories!






Confetti Swatches!

The new Confetti fabric swatches are on the website NOW!

Just click on the “fabrics for moda” page to see all the new lovelies and ask for them at your favorite local Quilt Store!

They ship this coming January 2018.

We have new patterns too …

This quilt is super easy to make with a Jellyroll.

And a “re new” of an old favorite!

Because you asked for it we brought it back!

Happy Quilting!





National Sew A Jelly Roll Day!

This past Saturday we celebrated the first National Sew a Jelly Roll Day!

I decided to get some Quilting friends together and put them to work making Jellyroll quilts for charity.

We rent a room at our local public library and sew there every month.
I provided some refreshments and the ladies each brought something to share.
No Jellyroll event would be complete without Jelly Donuts and Jelly Beans!

Moda fabrics kindly donated 14 jelly rolls.

I didn’t snap a picture of my display fast enough and those rolls disappeared faster that the donuts!

We had so much fun sewing …

And chatting …

But also getting the job done!

Some got very creative!

Some quilt tops were finished …

And others will be finished at home and brought back next month when we each decide where our quilts are being donated.

We had a great time and I can’t wait to see all the completed quilts!

I wonder what we can come up with for next year!

Happy Quilting!






Pillow Love!

Remember the beautiful pillow that Sharon from Patches Indooroopilly in Australia made for us last year?

Well, she found out that I wasn’t sharing and was worried about Mary not having a pillow so she did this!

She made another beautiful pillow but this time it’s for Mary.
It’s made using our new Frolic fabrics that will be shipping to shops later this month.

I absolutely love the purple accent piping.
And lets not forget the cute zipper in the back!

Sharon knows how to make a pillow … it’s perfect and adorable!

Thanks for another beautiful pillow Sharon. It’s loved and this one IS going to Mary! (wink wink)

Happy Quilting!





Clothespin Cute!

Have you seen these bags of pure cuteness?


They’re full of these …


Yes, clothespins with our Red Dot Green Dash fabrics printed on the outside!

I have a great plan for using them this year to hang my Christmas cards!


Or maybe to hang my everyday notes, or maybe to use to attach gift tags to packages or maybe to use to plug my nose in a smelly bathroom!

The possibilities are endless.

Look for them at your local Quilt Shop today!

Merry Quilting!


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