Once upon a time…we were tired of unthreading our sewing machines to fill bobbins! So when the development team at Wrignts asked us if we had any ideas for a new sewing tool, we replied "Well as a matter of fact we do!" and the Sidewinder was born!

End the frustration of bobbins running out in mid-project! With the touch of a button, SideWinder, The Portable Bobbin Winder quickly and easily fills bobbins without having to un-thread and re-thread the sewing machine.

The SideWinders compact size means it fits anywhere, and since it runs on batteries or with a power cord, the SideWinder can be used anywhere in class, on location, or at home! For sewing, quilting or crafting, let the SideWinder keep your creativity flowing!

The SideWinder comes with a power cord/AC adapter, but also runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) for ultimate portability. It accommodates most commonly used bobbins that have a round center hole. It measures 3" high by 5" wide by 3" deep, so it truly is compact. It has a built-in carrying handle and two spindles for storing extra bobbins (bobbins not included).

Look for the Sidewinder at you favorite quilt shop, sewing center, or craft store.

Sugested Retail $29.99

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