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Spell It With Fabric Blog Hop!

It’s “m” … “M” … “M DAY”!!

Three of my favorite “M” words happen to be “M”ary (my sister), “M”e and “M”y Sister Designs (that’s really  2 “M” words I guess) and “M”oda (my favorite fabrics in the world)!!

Here’s our “M” block …


Mary made our block and also made a cute banner using a few of the free letter patterns. We used our banner in the big Moda schoolhouse this past quilt market in Houston.


Since then we’ve been asking people all over the world to hold our banner and say “Moda”! We found some Moda lovers in the strangest places!

Like Rhett Butler in Atlanta and his famous quote … Frankly my dear … you should have gotten Moda!


Melanie is so embarrassed for Scarlett and her social blunder for not buying Moda. Just look at her face and those ugly non Moda quilts she’s trying to sell on the table.

We even got this famous deep sea super star to hold our banner and tell us why he likes Moda.


Jaws likes Moda because it never “runs” when it gets wet and he likes how it feels between his teeth and gums. Never go out in the deep blue sea without it!!

We also hooked up with George and Sandra in outer space.


Zero gravity never hurts Moda fabrics!

Next we happened to run into Indiana out in the wild jungle …


Say hello to his “little seam ripper”! But he never has to use it when he sews with Moda fabrics.

We also found the Moda banner in the office of super spy … Bond … James Bond. License to quilt. He was too busy to stop and talk with us but we overheard his conversation …


Hello … Miss Moda Penny? Send more Moda! The fate of the world depends on it!

Then it was on to Dr. Evil.


He wants 1 MILLION bolts of Moda fabric! The guy can’t be all that evil if he loves Moda!

Everyone seems to love “M” words!


To get your free copy of our “M” block click here.

To celebrate “M” words were giving away some awesome stuff …


You could win one of these 3 great prizes! Pre cuts of our new Hubba Hubba fabrics! Simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite “M” word is. The winners will be chosen sometime on Friday February 28th.

Good Luck and enjoy the “M” day!



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1,013 responses to “Spell It With Fabric Blog Hop!”

  1. Karen Seitz says:

    Mom is my favorite M word. I love her and wish she didn’t live 2000 miles away!

  2. Christy says:

    My favorite M word is MOM!

  3. Dana Klinkner says:

    My favorite M word is Mama – I hear it all day long from my kids! 🙂

  4. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    “Mama” is my favorite “m” word. We were blessed to be able to celebrate our mother’s 85th birthday this past Valentine’s Day. She made us who we are and still means the world to me.
    However, on the topic of fabric, yours is wonderful! I hope to be lucky enough to win some in your Giveaway. Thanks.

  5. LisaD says:

    My favorite M word is Married, because I am to the most wonderful Man!

  6. Patty says:

    May…because certainly by then Spring will be here.

  7. Karen Watkins says:

    Moda would be my favorite M word this week. Thanks for the great blog hop!

  8. Kelly Hardy says:

    My favorite M word is Mother.
    I miss mine and things are always
    better when she’s around.

  9. Amy Wathen says:

    Since cheesecake doesn’t start with “M”, I will say I love the Mountains I see everyday here in Colorado. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Priscilla says:

    What fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Patti says:

    My favorite M word is May. Hopefully by then our snow and subzero temps(-12 with a wind-chill of -27) will be a distant memory.

  12. Sonja says:

    LOL!!! You’re the best!! I love all your happy, bright colors and fabrics!

  13. Phyllis says:

    Mormor is my favorite M word – it’s Swedish for grandma, and that’s me! I love all your photos with your Got Moda banner – very clever!