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It’s that time again!
Time to get all those New Years resolutions started.

I have several that I want to start this year. Some of them I have been trying to do for several years!
Like this one …


I try every year and am hoping that this year will be the one that I can lose some weight!

I also want to do some crocheting and want to complete this project that is about a year old.


I think It now qualifies as a UFO (Un Finished Project).

There are so many small things that I need to finish. But trying to empty my “IN” basket  is not one of those small things …


This one is going to take some serious concentration!

I want to be more organized and would love to give my husband a list of “resolutions” to get done around the house! But that would conflict with my resolution to be a nicer, kinder person.

I want to quilt whenever possible and visit Mary whenever I can. I think this is going to be my easiest resolution to keep!

To see another of my resolutions (about 15 years old now) and some more Moda fabric designer resolutions …


Visit the Moda Cutting Table Blog.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!



9 responses to “Resolutions!”

  1. Mama Spark says:

    HI There and Happy New Year! I have that same resolution, the loosing weight one! Good luck with all your resolutions and I wish you a happy, healthy and productive new year! xo

  2. Christine B. says:

    Hope you are able to fulfil all your resolutions and I wish you health and happiness for 2013. 🙂

  3. Cathy K says:

    Happy New Year! Good luck in all of your resolutions! You can accomplish them all. I have faith!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh, please show us your apple core quilt when you finish it!

  5. Kate Brown says:

    I hope you succeed in all of your resolutions!! I hope you have a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!

  6. corinne says:

    Pressure is on now we all want to see the apple quilt. I thought is was only my scale that was showing ERR. Have a happy new year

  7. JoAnn Rusden says:

    Oh, I see a liitle peak of my favorite jammies…red with white polka dots! I’ve been looking everywhere for these! As for that yummie yarn…why not get your pattern, a couple skeins of the yarn…pack those jammies and come to Savannah and sit and knit with me and the girls!!!??? See ‘ya soon!

  8. Jane says:

    Barb, don’t be so hard on yourself.We had a fellow quilter at our guild meeting tonight with her finished show n tell started in 1998 !
    I find if you don’t buy the goodies at the grocery store you don’t indulge.
    I nibble on dry cereal instead of M&M”s.I wonder how come you enjoy a 0ne lb. bag of M&M’s and you gain five lb.’s ? Changed to dark chocolate {because it i better for you} still the same out come.So it is Cheerios and diet Dr.Pepper and I am a happy quilter and slimmer. Gave up beef,too. Chicken with the work’.It is just as good.
    Be happy and love yourself. jane

  9. Jane says:

    Barb, did you hear the one about the woman who steps on the talking scale ? and it says,” One at a time ,Please. ” LOL