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Pillowcase Round Up!

I recently received this email from Cindy …

“I am one of your followers and always enjoy your blog.  I am asking for help for a friend. She is trying to collect homemade pillowcases for the children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  She wants to collect 600 and is having a hard time finding people to participate.  It is a very worthwhile project and I am hoping you could link to her sign up. You have so many great followers who might be willing and able to join in this cause.”

It just so happens that I have 16 pillowcases just lying around!


Mary and I usually make 2 pillowcases to display in our Quilt Market booth every time we attend.

These pillowcases have been stacked in my closet just waiting for the perfect opportunity to help!


If you would like to help Cindy and her friend by donating a pillowcase or two, please visit the link here for the sign up and shipping information. I know every donation will be appreciated.



Make sure to visit the American Patchwork and Quilting website and add your pillowcase donation to the tally!

If you need a pillowcase pattern, there is a free pattern available on our website here.

Sending our 16 pillowcases out today!


Sweet Dreams to these kids … Barb


5 responses to “Pillowcase Round Up!”

  1. Carmen Wyant says:

    I sent in 12 pillowcases to the quilt shop in Milbury. I read that they received 6000 pillowcases and 30 quilts. I am sure that the extras will be donated on to another worthy cause.

  2. Carla says:

    Aloha from Hawaii, my 13 year old daughter is sewing one from Hawaiian fabrics for one of the children. If all goes well, maybe more. Hopefully it will bring back memories of a happy time they may have had in the islands. Thank you for putting up the link, we have to do a lot of community service for 8th grade, and this is a great cause!

  3. Cindy says:

    Barb! You are so incredible. Thank you so much. What adorable pillowcases you are sending. They will bring much comfort and love to a deserving child.

  4. Christine B. says:

    What a wonderful gesture, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated!

  5. Kate Brown says:

    I am sure the children with be thrilled with your beautiful pillowcases!! It is a wonderful cause 🙂