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Pattern Downloads!

39 of our patterns are now available at a great price on our Big Cartel page!
They’re just $6 each!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.24.20 PM

They’re only available for download at this great price. No shipping please.

Visit the “shop patterns” button in the green box upper left on this screen to fill in your collection.

Have fun starting a new project today!


2 responses to “Pattern Downloads!”

  1. VickiT says:

    Could you please tell us when this sale will be over? I need to find time to go through my patterns to be sure I don’t have the ones I want now so I don’t buy duplicates. Thank you

  2. Lori Garsow says:

    What brand of yarn did you use to make the shawl it is just beautiful!!! Love it!!