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More Videos!!

You need to sit inside, relax and watch quilting videos on these hot Summer days!

We have 2 more to share with you today. We filmed both while visiting the Fat Quarter Shop this past April.

Both are quilting techniques. The first is a Stitch and Flip technique …

The second is a fun way to make 4 patches …

Both can be found in our book …


It’s available on our website and also at the Fat Quarter Shop … featured as their book of the month and only $11.99!

Happy Quilting!






And The Winner is …

Thanks for all the fun comments!

Most of you pre wind bobbins before you start a project and most of you piece with a neutral thread BUT there sure are a lot of purple thread lovers out there!

So without further delay the winner is …


Kim!  I love red and I usually wind about 4 or 5 bobbins before I start a project. I hate stopping to wind one.

Congratulations and I’ll be contacting the winner by email shortly.

Happy Quilting!





Pattern Of The Month ~ Birthday Sale!

This months pattern was selected by my little birthday girl …


Bella turns 13 today!


To celebrate were baking cookies and having a party!


So while I’m getting the cookies in the oven you can shop and take advantage of the 25% off our Simply Ho Ho Ho pattern!


This pattern features 3 fun projects that you’ll want to make for the holidays. The first is a cute table topper with some embroidered snow ladies.


The second a table runner …


And the third is a gift card bag!


What a great value! 3 projects for only $7.50. And all 3 are fast, fun and easy! This pattern is only available at this great price for download.


I guess you don’t need a bowl when your gobbling fresh baked cookies faster than the speed of light off the floor! I should know cause I’ve done this a few times myself.


Get your pattern today and get started on those holiday projects faster than the speed of light!






A Handy Little Tip!

Today’s handy dandy little video tip …

Mary and I have been using Stitch Witchery for years and every time we teach somewhere and bring it out people are always amazed that we use it in quilting. It’s just not for hemming pants!

You can use it just about anywhere that needs pinning. I works especially well when putting on a quilt label or holding thick layers of bulky fabrics together. You know those times that the fabrics bend your pins! Mary likes to use it when she’s doing those thick tote bag handles.

I’ve even used it to hold binding down until I can get it hand sewn. Those sometimes when we’re on a tight deadline with a photo shoot … a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Hope you enjoy our little tip today and don’t forget to watch the videos from Monday!

Just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite thread color is or how many bobbins you like to fill before you start a new project and you might win these …


If you left a comment on Monday here’s your chance to enter again!

Happy Quilting!






It’s a Notion Kind Of Day!

Welcome to another set of videos!
These video days sure are fun and this time their about 2 of our favorite notions!

The first one is about our Aurifil Thread boxes …

The second is about our SideWinder …

Both are must haves!

The Aurifil Thread Boxes are available in both sizes on our website and at the Fat Quarter Shop.


The SideWinder is available at the Fat Quarter Shop.


For a chance to win both these prizes …


Simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite thread color is OR how many bobbins you like to wind before you start at project.

The lucky winner will be chosen sometime on Saturday August 2nd. Good Luck to all!






Sunday ~ Monday ~ The Quilt Show!

The Quilt Show must go on!!

This past Sunday started off with a bang! Mary and I scheduled an appointment with The Quilt Show to tape a segment for the show.
At 1am I woke to overflowing toilets and ankle deep water! Since the film crew was to arrive at 8am we had to work fast, turned off the water and began bailing water into the tubs. By 5 am the floor appeared dry.


I was able to wet my hair and try to get presentable for the show and the plumber was called.

We had a good time setting up and filming …


The camera crew was great and things were going well other than if anyone needed the restroom they had to drive to the nearest McDonalds.

The plumber arrived at 9:30 and got to work. Whatever had overflowed the toilets had “passed”, the drains were all snaked and the plumber camera man was scheduled to come out at 7am Monday to film the plumbing. Mary kept doing her demonstration through the whole thing like a pro!


Now the real fun begins … My beautiful all wood floors start to swell. Doors won’t open and walking down my hallway becomes a roller coaster ride. But the show must go on and filming continues …


The AC guy arrives per the plumbers advice to make sure that the giant swell in my bedroom is not being caused by leaking condensation. In the meantime all crews are fighting for control over my one and only step stool.

We now have 2 sisters, 2 dogs, 2 tree stump grinders (yes I have tree damage from a recent storm and lost 2 trees) 4 quilt show video photographers, 1 plumber and 1 AC guy in the house … enter the Dry Team! They tent the rooms in plastic and start rolling in 5 large dehumidifiers.


Everyone starts to trickle out as I hand them a check and at 9pm the power goes out in half the house. The dehumidifiers have tripped the circuit breakers. The Dry Team happily comes back and they re position the dehumidifiers onto different circuits. Mind you my husband is away on his man-cation.


Monday 7am the plumbing camera crew arrives, a problem with the main sewer line is discovered and digging begins.
Then the power line for the street lights is cut and the power company arrives. More checks are written.


Enter the asbestos check team! The floor demolition team wants to start this afternoon, the floor re builders are measuring and then the packing up the house estimate guys arrive. The dry team shows up to re check the dehumidifiers again.

Bella now has a crush on Jake the humidity guy! Seems she thrives on chaos and pluming issues!


My husband drove all the way home cutting the man-cation short and Tuesday begins! The estimate is that we may be in a hotel for 4-6 weeks!

With all this I start to wonder … Where is my sewing machine going to be??






Pillowcases Gone Wild!

Well it’s that time of year again!


Every year my husband and his biker gang take a “man-cation”. They leave the families behind and take a 3 week adventure into the unknown on their motorcycles. They’ve been to Sturgis a few times and all the way north into Canada until they couldn’t go any further. My biker guy is the third from the left.

But every year these burly biker guys look forward to the …


Pillowcases! That’s right wild pillowcases! This year I really like the skull version. I collect motorcycle and skull fabrics whenever I see them and put these together from my stash.

Some of the pillowcases from years past …


I get a photo or two everyday from the road or the hot tub!


Looks like everyone is happy this year and I get some serious late night sewing done. I stay up past 10 some nights!


Have fun guys and travel safe you “Wild Hogs”.






Makin’ It Cute ~ Blog Tour!


We have invited some friends to help us celebrate the release of our new product called “Makin’ it Cute”!


It’s something I’ve been making for years and we decided to do something about it. We teamed up with Sew Emma and the Fat Quarter Shop to produce, sell and distribute Petal Pack. We showed the product for the first time at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh with our new “LOL” fabric group.


Each “Makin’ it Cute” Petal Pack contains templates and instructions for makin’ some cute fabric flowers. You can also make them out of paper, felt or wool … use your imagination!

The easy to follow instructions are on the inside cover . First … make your fabric sandwich. Then trace the templates.


Sew, cut, layer and embellish!


I like to use pinking shears to cut out my flower centers.

It’s that simple and you can use these cute flowers to decorate EVERYTHING! I’ve made hundreds!


Nothings safe from being decorated with flowers around here!

Shoes …


Pillowcases …


Quilts …


Baskets and gift bags for your quilty friends …


Well maybe not this …


But you get the idea!

Please visit these other blogs on the tour today … I can’t wait to see what they’ve made.

Quilt Jane

Pam Kitty Morning

Bunny Hill


A Quilting Life

Smashed Peas and Carrots

I’m a Ginger Monkey

Quarter Incher

The Modern Sewciety

Callaloo Soup Designs

Pat Sloan

Also visit the Fat Quarter Shop for a chance to win a Petal Pack!


They’ll be giving away a “Makin’ it Cute” Petal Pack to 20 lucky winners.

You can order your Petal Pack here.


What a great Summer project for the kids (Headbands!) or for yourself! I think you’ll discover lots of uses!

Happy Sewing!






Our Newest Patterns!

I just realized that I haven’t shown you our newest quilt patterns from Quilt Market in Pittsburgh!

We have 2!

Lol Fanned Covers_4000x3000

These patterns will coordinate with our new LOL fabrics for Moda, but you can also use them with all your favorite stash fabrics.

The first is “Reply All” …


This quilt is made with 40 coordinating fat eights.

The second is “Text Me”…

Pin Curl-Cover-ForPrint

To make this quilt you’ll need 36 coordinating fat quarters.

Both patterns are available at your favorite local or online quilt shop. They’re also available for download on our website.

Since all the prints in our new collection were named after text terms, we decided to follow that idea and name the patterns the same way.

Here’s what the quilts looked like in our market booth …


That’s “Text Me” on the right. “Reply All” is on the left and folded on the back wall ladder. There’s another one folded on the bottom of the table in the middle of this photo.


Can’t wait to see what you create with these new patterns!





Pattern Of The Month ~ Sale!

Mary and I had a board meeting earlier today and with a unanimous vote, decided to put a pattern on sale every month!

These “sale” patterns will be available for download only and will only cost $7.50!

The very first is … Simply Cakes 1 2 3!


You’ll get 3 great quilt patterns in this one download!


All 3 quilts are made using Layer Cake pre cuts. So if your looking for something to make with a layer cake, this pattern is for you!

This downloadable pattern is available at this special price for one month only! To order visit “shop our store” in the upper left of this screen. We’ve created a special section at the bottom of the menu for this monthly sale.

Hurry … Before the chairman of the board changes her mind!



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