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Day 3 Precut Primer Blog Hop!

It’s day three of the Precut Primer Blog Hop and the fun just keeps on rolling … jelly rolling!


Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side  is our featured designer today!

She made our 5th Grade quilt using her “Chic Neutrals” jelly roll …


I L-O-V-E her quilt!!

First of all the quilting is fabulous, but it’s even more fun to see how amazing her quilt looks in neutrals. Way to go Amy! You get 3 gold stars on your homework.


Amy is also giving away a book so be sure to enter on her blog.

The hop continues on Monday so don’t miss a thing!

September 2, 2015
Moda Fabrics
Pat Sloan
April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns

September 3, 2015
Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby

September 4, 2015
Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side

September 7, 2015
Jane Davidson of Quilt Jane
Heidi Grohs of Boys Buttons & Butterflies

September 8, 2015
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

September 9, 2015
Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting
Lissa Alexander of Moda Fabrics


The Fat Quarter Shop will be popping in from time to time to join the fun so make sure to stay in touch!

Follow along on Instagram to see all the old school photos everyone is posting too!

image7 copy

This is cute schoolgirl Mary … wonder what happened!

Happy School Days!






Precut Primer Blog Hop!

The Precut Primer Blog Hop continues today!


Be sure to visit Corey Yoder and see what she’s made.


Corey’s 6 year old daughter, Elonie marked some of her favorite quilts in our book with clothespins. I think I need to hire this girl as our marketing manager!!

Corey made our 4th Grade quilt and has plans to try another quilt from the book using her vintage sheet collection. What an honor that is!


Make sure to visit April Rosenthal too!

She showed us her 2nd Grade quilt yesterday!


She’s a confessed pattern “geek” and managed to get her beautiful quilt finished in one day! She must be much younger than I am with all that energy and I’m sure doesn’t have an ancient first day of school picture either.


She’s giving away some of her fabulous “Meadowbrook” fabrics too!

The hop continues tomorrow so don’t miss a thing!

September 2, 2015
Moda Fabrics
Pat Sloan
April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns

September 3, 2015
Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby

September 4, 2015
Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side

September 7, 2015
Jane Davidson of Quilt Jane
Heidi Grohs of Boys Buttons & Butterflies

September 8, 2015
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

September 9, 2015
Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting
Lissa Alexander of Moda Fabrics


The Fat Quarter Shop will be popping in from time to time to join the fun so make sure to stay in touch!

image14 copy

It’s Precut Primer time!





Precut Primer Blog Hop!

It starts today!!


Join us for a fun filled hop with some of our favorite friends and the Fat Quarter Shop! They’re giving away 5 books!

September 2, 2015
Moda Fabrics
Pat Sloan
April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns

September 3, 2015
Corey Yoder of Little Miss Shabby

September 4, 2015
Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side

September 7, 2015
Jane Davidson of Quilt Jane
Heidi Grohs of Boys Buttons & Butterflies

September 8, 2015
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

September 9, 2015
Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting
Lissa Alexander of Moda Fabrics


Visit Pat Sloan today because she’s making our First Grade quilt and giving away a book!


All you have to do is tell her your favorite memory from 1st grade! I can’t wait to read all your memories!! If I was to enter I’d have to make something up because I can’t remember that far back!

Our friends at Moda Fabrics have made our Second Grade quilt! The question over there has been raised as to which of us spent the most time in the principals office … I’d like to say for the record, it was MARY!


Be sure to enter for a chance to win some of our new Dot Dot Dash fabrics on their blog!!

And if you just can’t wait for your copy, you can order it here!

image12 copy

Lets get back to school!






Welcome To Moda!

Last weekend at this time Mary and I were in Dallas attending the Moda Open House!!


It’s a yearly opportunity for the shop owners to visit the Moda Warehouse, eat, shop the warehouse, eat, attend lectures, and just have a whole lotta fun!! Oh and did I mention eat??

The warehouse was all decked out from floor …


To ceiling …


Some of the customer service staff members dressed as Minions. There was even a purple “semi” evil Minion.


Brian Dunn was all smiles and ready for the weekend.


There were cute displays around every corner …


Mary managed to find our fabric aisle.


It goes from the right corner of the picture, all the way down to the back of the building and up the other side again!

There were lots of great lectures, even one given at dinner by Mark Dunn, the owner.


We showed our new “Pre Cut Primer” book hot off the press …


And played a few games.


The warehouse is ready for the fun to begin and soon these rollers will be stacked with boxes of FABRIC headed to a shop near you!


What a great weekend!


Happy Quilting!!






A New Crochet Book!

I just got the new crochet book I ordered!!


Can’t wait to turn the pages and find something to make.

I see some yarn purchases in my very near future!!
The book can be purchased on the Martingale website.
That’s where I got mine!

Happy Day!





Aurifil Designer Of The Month!

The newest Aurifil Designer for the month of August is Nancy Rink!

Aurifil 2015 August designers logo

Nancy has lived in Bakersfield, California her whole life.

She started sewing garments first and moved onto quilting later in life just like my sister Mary.

She likes subtle color and the texture that quilting adds to a quilt.


She likes the color red and guess what color her project this month is … Red!

Aurifil Augst Mini

It’s called “Grow Up” and you can download the free pattern here.

Nancy has 2 quilting studios and a rescue dog named Daisy.


To read more about Nancy visit her blog.

Please visit the other Aurifil designers each month …

January … Gudrun Erla
February … ​​Joanna Figueroa
March … Kimberly Jolly
April … John Kubiniec
May … Lynn Harris
June … Me and My Sister Designs ​ ​
July … Ebony Love
August … Nancy Rink
September … Valori Wells
October … Sara Lawson
November … Bonnie Christine
December … Celine Perkins
Host … Pat Sloan

Hope you’re enjoying getting to know everyone a bit better and all the cute free patterns so far!

Be sure to add the quilts you create from this Designer Series to the Aurifil Flickr Page. We’d love to see them and remember each month one person will win a 12 spool Aurifil thread kit!

Happy sewing with Aurifil and see you next month!





Australia ~ Part Four Final Days

Well we’re still having fun! Who wouldn’t in a place like this?

We spent another day being entertained by the guys at PK fabrics!


Patrick, the owner let us do whatever we wanted to do!


First he took me to the local Harley Davidson dealership so I could purchase a souvenir T Shirt for my darling husband who has been holding down the fort at home for the past few weeks.


We spent some time visiting the local beaches and took in some spectacular views of the sea.


I enjoyed the entire day but one of my favorite things was a visit to the fish market …


I loved these crazy fish!!


I have so many pictures that I want to share but need to keep myself under control.


I don’t know if it’s the bright colors or the weirdness, but I loved the seafood!


The following day took us to our final quilt shop, the Remnant Warehouse. The store is very large and has several different departments. We got to visit the shop next door where all the bright sparkly fabrics are sold to costume companies like the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars. I wanted to be rolled in sequins!


We had another great group of fun ladies! We all worked on our Slice of Cake 2 pattern and shared the day with some sisters.


We had several sister pairs throughout the trip in the different cities we visited.


Great day!!

Our very last day in Australia was spent taking a private 2 hour tour, with only 4 other people, behind the scenes at the Sydney Opera House.


Really interesting!! We weren’t permitted to take photos in most areas but Mary got to be the orchestra conductor for a few seconds.

After that whale watching …


I saw more of the whales than my camera captured and it was breathtaking.


Well that about wraps up our “down under” adventure.


Thanks to everyone who made our trip so wonderful. Thanks to Moda and PK Fabrics for shipping our stuff and helping it get to where it was needed. We enjoyed spending time with everyone of you in and out of classes! A special thanks to our tour organizer Diane. The trip was perfect!







Australia ~ Part Three Sydney!

We’re in Sydney and have a few days to play!!


We stayed a great hotel downtown and almost everything is within walking distance. There’s even a Starbucks on the corner across the street and an underground grocery store in the middle of a park on the other corner where we can get snacks.

There’s a high rise apartment building on the last corner and I’ve seen dinner parties, lots of TV watchers and even a naked man!

Shane from PK Fabrics, the Moda wholesaler in Australia picked us up at the hotel the first day and we walked down to the Sydney Harbor for our first time.


I saw the Opera house!

We took a Ferry ride through the Harbor, past the harbor opening to the open sea, into the town of Manly.


We had Pizza on the waterfront with Shane …


Then took in the beach …




It was a great day and now we know how to get around Sydney. Thanks Shane!!

Our first teaching assignment was at Hobby Sew. They don’t have strip malls like we do here in the States. This shop was in a mall with a multi level parking garage!


The ladies worked on three different quilts.

My Jelly Rollers were superstars!


But so were Mary’s Jelly Rollers!!


… and lets not forget her Layer Cakers!!


We had a wonderful time!!

We’ve been walking down to the Harbor every chance we get. Found this wonderful “Chocolate Cafe” that puts a chocolate seahorse in every cup of hot chocolate.


He melts into a yummy goo! I know it’s Summer here but it was cold in Australia and I had many a cuppa!

We found a local Saturday outdoor market called “Paddington Market” and sampled some local food at some of the stands.


Found the best loaf of soda bread and fresh butter.

Saturday afternoon had us seeing a play at the Sydney Opera House. We can’t travel all the way to Australia and not see some kind of production at the Opera House. We saw “Ghost Story”. It was fun! Followed by more hot chocolate.

Tomorrow onto our last shop and the final pictures from Sydney.






Australia ~ Part Two Gold Coast & Tamworth!

Our adventure continues!!
After leaving Brisbane we headed down the freeway along the Gold Coast for more fun!


Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. We stopped for lunch along one of them just a few short minutes from our next destination Fifi’s Fabricology.


Her shop is magical and off the beaten path in a very rural area.

Fiona, the owner invited us into her home to quilt! She made ALL our meals. Home cooked meals AND we got to stay on her property. What a wonderful visit!!

This was our sewing view …


Complete with kangaroos every morning and evening.


She drove us through the pastures and it was so spectacular I wanted to move in!


If you look closely … you can see a “joey” in the mothers pouch!

The ladies worked on two different projects. Both from our Jelly Rolls Gone Wild pattern. That’s the smiling Fiona on the far right.


What a great day!


The next morning one of the quilters even stopped in to show us her completed quilt top. What a beautiful part of our trip!!

Next we were off along the coast again, this time to visit our friend Lynette Anderson.


We had a lovely lunch right on the beach that we shared with a few of these fellows.


We all piled into Di’s car for a trip to Lynette’s shop.


What won’t we do to get to another quilt shop? It even looks like I got a black eye in this picture. I did fight to get in the car but it’s just a shadow. Mary never touched me or punched me. This Moda box sure has had a vacation to remember!

Then it was on to Tamworth and Stitch Between The Bridges with Maureen and her happy staff. That’s Maureen on the right in the red jacket, or as they say in Oz red jumper. These people speak English but they sure use a different dictionary.


Maureen assigned her sweet husband Warrick as our tour guide for this leg of our adventure.

Before class he took us on a drive through the countryside to a small town called Nundle. There’s a working wool factory there and we got to see where the local yarn is made.


Mary was sure to purchase some samples for the Tea Cozy book Fiona gifted her. Along with another book for her collection.


Tamworth saw us coming in the local paper and we had 42 quilters in this class!


The newspaper team also visited the day of the class and did an interview with us. Still waiting to see it in print. If anyone can find a link to the article please let me know.

The ladies all worked on our Slice of Cake 2 pattern.


What a friendly bunch of very nice ladies! I’d go back in a second.

Warrick drove us to the train station for the ride to Sydney. We thought it would be nice to see the country while traveling on the train and it was. But true to “Me and My Sister” adventure, our train broke down. We had to be loaded off the train halfway to our destination and loaded onto buses to meet another train with over 10 pieces of luggage.


I never want to see another suitcase again … but the ride was fantastic!


Sydney here we come!






Australia ~ Part One Brisbane!

Our trip to Australia was absolutely wonderful and the trip of a lifetime!!
We met so many nice quilters and had a fabulous time being Australian for a few short weeks.

Our adventure started in the beautiful city of Brisbane!


Straight from the airport, we drove around the city and stopped for lunch high on a hill top overlooking the city.


That’s one of the things that surprised me about Australia, I didn’t expect all the hills!

The second day we visited the Koala Sanctuary with our tour guide and trip organizer Diane. She did a fabulous job keeping us busy and getting us where we needed to be. What a great new friend!


The Koalas were so cute!


Mary wanted to take this one home …


MY favorite were the kangaroos!


Any “Me and My Sister” trip wouldn’t be complete without some excitement!


We were evacuated from our hotel in the middle of the night by firemen. Seems there was a broken steam pipe that caught some electrical wires on fire.

The next morning we took a boat ride around the harbor …


It was cold and we wore all the clothing that we brought along in layers.


With a few blankets we managed to stay warm and have a good time!

Our first teaching assignment was at Patches Indooroopilly. We had 2 different classes on two different days. I guess we had to start working sometime!!

Sharon, the owner of the shop, shown on the left, was wonderful and kept us all fed and full of snacks.


The first group of ladies made our Slice of Cake 2 pattern …


The second class made our Jelly Rolls Gone Wild 2 pattern …


Both classes were TONS of fun! What nice people live in Australia!!

We made so many new “quilty” friends and enjoyed all the sights and good food Brisbane had to offer.


Goodbye Brisbane!

Onward to the Gold Coast and Tamworth next time!


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