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Thanks ~ Again!

I know I’m a bit behind in updating my blog posts but I couldn’t let this “Special Thank You” slip away!

We’ve reprinted AGAIN!


And it’s all thanks to YOU!







Pattern Of The Month!

The newest pattern of the month is …

Pin Curl-Cover-ForPrint

It’s made using our LOL fabric group for Moda that’s in the stores now!


It’s one of my favorites and I hope it becomes one of yours!

The “Text Me” pattern download this month is on sale for only $7.50. Downloads only.

Have a great day!





2 Fires In One Night!

For those of you that also follow us on Instagram, you know that I had 2 fires at my house Wednesday night!


Thanks for all your hugs, concerns and prayers! To catch you up and to answer all your questions, I thought I’d do a quick blog post to let you know what happened and that we’re all fine!

If you can remember back to July when we had the sewer back up and water damage while taping a segment for the Quilt Show!


Well repairs were just starting to kick into high gear. We’ve been waiting on our flooring. It arrived a few weeks ago and has been sitting in the house getting used to us. That’s one of the steps before installing wood floors.

The flooring guys were here on Wednesday afternoon doing some prep work and I had the bright idea to have my husband square off some arched doorways for that “open concept” look I’m always seeing on Property Brothers. I thought it would be the perfect time to make a mess. I had no idea what kind of mess was in store!

Hubby did a great job cutting out the aches and decided to grind down some nail heads sticking out. Well some sparks flew up through the new openings in the wall and into the attic at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They just sat there without our knowing.

The weather was nice so we decided to BBQ dinner out on the grill at about 6PM. When I came back into the house everything seemed fine.

At about 8PM after watching some TV, I started to notice the smell of smoke. I thought maybe from the BBQ or one of my neighbors had lit a fire in their fireplace. Shortly after that my son came home and said “There’s smoke all around the house and you can see it in the street light”. We all went outside and looked around and thought there must be a fire in the neighborhood but we hadn’t heard any sirens??

Once we got back inside the house we realized how smoky the inside was and the 3 of us started frantically searching the house for the source of the smoke with no luck. Then my husband touched the ceiling where he had been working earlier and noticed it was hot to the touch!

Out to the garage and into the attic he goes. By this time smoke is pouring out the vents on the roof! He still climbs into the attic and quickly gets lost from sight in all the smoke. Next thing we hear is “Get the hose there’s flames”! My son and I drag the garden hose from the front of the house and up the ladder into the attic. I scurry down and call 911. In all the commotion our dog Bella is not to be found when we start evacuating the house. The firetrucks arrive and make us leave the dog.


We had fire trucks and firemen everywhere!!

Bella was found quickly in the backyard and rescued! I wish I had a picture of that!! A fat little Jack Russell in the arms of a fireman in full gear walking across the yard … priceless!

In a few short hours the fire was out, the power was back on and I had a hole in my dining room ceiling. The firemen suggested we get a hotel for the night but we were determined to stay home and started going back inside.


Unable to sleep, I was talking to my son in the kitchen as we were starring into the hole in my ceiling. I started to see more smoke! Surely this couldn’t be another fire! My son touches the insulation and comes away with a blistered and burnt hand! Another 911 call at 1:30 AM on Thursday!

The whole process is repeated. More firetrucks, more water, and a bigger hole in the ceiling! This time damage to electrical wires and no more power.


They let us in for a few items and off we go to spend the night at my Mom’s at 4AM.


No more fires to report and I’ve been busy with clean up and construction crews. We should have power restored later today. I’ve lost my voice for the most part from smoke inhalation, a wonderful neighbor has dragged an extension cord from her house to ours and is supplying power to my refrigerator. Another brought some dry clothes and shoes to my shivering and soaking wet husband. Thank you all!!

I’m still working on my market posts and all my fun pictures from Homespun and Holly in Portland! I’ll be putting those up when I can. My unpacked suitcase with all my treasures was still sitting in the entryway after the fires.


I’m happy to report the contents are in good shape and to Sherri … The bowls I purchased in Portland are in perfect condition.

Hugs to you all! I appreciate everything everyone has done for us!!






Get Comfy With Moda!

The Designer Schoolhouse at Quilt Market in Houston this year had a comfy theme!

get comfy

All the designers divided themselves into small teams and made different projects. It was done in the “Night Before Christmas” style that we changed into the “Night Before Quilt Market”!


Everyone made a pair of comfy pajama pants using fabrics from their newest collections and decorated a comfy T shirt.

Each team did their best to entertain and showcase the pattern they made. Watch the 30 minute video the Fat Quarter Shop filmed of the event below.

All the patterns will be available on the individual designers blogs when we do our big Blog Hop event this Spring!


After the program the designers threw over 1000 mini charms of the new collections into the audience!

Our fearless leader, Mark Dunn even joined the fun wearing pajama pants and a night cap made from squares of all the fabric collections!


Get Comfy With Moda!

More Quilt Market fun is on the way!






Listen to Mary and I and our friend Pat Sloan on the newest podcast with American Patchwork and Quilting! You can listen on your computer, subscribe by itunes (search American Patchwork & Quilting) or download our interview to a player.

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast Me and My Sister Nov 2014

The podcast is live now!
So listen here and go to the November 3rd page OR here.

It was such fun visiting with Pat at the recent Quilt Market in Houston!
Hope you enjoy!





Quilt Market!!

We’re on our way! So we’ll be out of the office for a few days.

airplane-takeoff copy

But we’ll be back with lots of new adventures!!
See you soon!





American Quilt Retailer!

We had a mention in the recent American Quilt Retailer …


On page 30 there is an article about using texture in quilting …


They used our “little t” … T is for Ticklish quilt border as an example!



This was a really fun technique and I loved using all the different colors of embroidery thread! It remains one of my favorite borders of all time.


Thanks American Quilt Retailer!





Makin’ It Cute Blog Hop!

Today we asked a few friends to help us show you our newest Makin’ It Cute Packs!

You might be familiar with the original Petal Pack we introduced in the Spring. Now it has friends!!


We’re introducing the Hearts Delight


And the Butterfly Bliss Packs!


Just like the original, they’re so easy to make and can be used in so many ways. I’ve used them to decorate quilts, pillows, baskets and even packages! The uses are endless!

Complete instructions come with each pack but simply trace one of your favorite shapes onto a “fabric sandwich”. I like to use my FriXion pen in case I make a mistake or accidentally cut outside the drawn line. With a touch of a warm iron it makes all those pesky lines disappear!


I loved using our new “Bandana” fabrics to make our newest hearts and butterflies.


Start with a set of templates and your favorite fabrics … then let your imagination run wild!!


I’m putting them everywhere! Hope the hubby appreciates his newly “cuted” Shop Vac.

Please visit our friends today and see what they’ve created!

Melisa of Happy Quilting
Pam of Pam Kitty Morning
Stephanie of Quarter Incher
Francine of Callaloo Soup Designs
Laurie of Minick and Simpson
Tammy of Moda Fabrics

Thanks friends and Fat Quarter Shop!!

Be sure to order your Makin’ It Cute Packs today!

Shop owners who would like to carry these items in your stores please contact United Notions or Checker.






Pattern Of The Month Sale!

Don’t forget to check out our pattern of the month!
There’s still time to download our featured pattern for only $7.50!

The selection this month is …


It’s been one of our favorites and a best seller!






And The Winners Are …

What a fun giveaway!!
I had fun laughing out loud at all your wonderful comments!!

So without further delay …


The winners of the jelly rolls are …

Terri E!  LOL means laugh out loud but my father-in-law always thought it was for lots of love and used to sign all his emails and Facebook posts that way. We lost him a year ago next month and we miss him everyday.

Cathy!  Laugh Out Loud – been drooling over this line as I’ve been watching your creations on instagram. Love!

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be contacting them by email shortly.



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