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Third Set Of Videos!

Well the fun just keeps on coming! This week we are happy to present 3 more videos!

The first is about our book “Simple Quilts Easy as 1, 2, 3″.

This book features 12 Easy quilts. We like EASY quilts and easy doesn’t need to be boring! The projects in this book can be made quickly and will showcase all those special fabrics that you love and have carefully added to your personal fabric stash.


These are my favorite quilts from this book …


The book is available on our website or at the Fat Quarter Shop. You get 12 quilts for $14.99!

The second is about our “3 Times The Charm Book 2″ This book features 21 quilts.

There are 7 different quilt patterns shown in 3 different color ways! All are made using charm squares. Another great “go to” book when you want to create something from a charm pack.


This is my favorite quilt from this book …


I’m showing you 2 of the different color ways here. Fabrics really can change the feeling of a quilt! This one went from a throw to a wall hanging!
This book is also available on our website and at the Fat Quarter Shop. You get 21 projects for just $9.99.

The third video this week will show you a quick tip for squaring up half square triangles.

Half square triangles are my absolute favorite thing to make. I love to make them bigger than I need and trim them to that perfect size. I always purchase extra fabric to allow me to do this.

To win a copy of both of these books simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite block is to make.


The winner will be chosen sometime on Friday June 27th. Good luck to all!

Hope you enjoy this latest set of videos.






Sassy Soho Scarf!

A friend sent this to me!

+ 765sz1

What a great idea made with our Ticklish fabrics!

The pattern is available at Annie’s E Pattern Central.

I need one of these made with every fabric group!





Our Book Is On Nook!

It’s also available on ipad, iphone and kindle too!


What a thrill to have this in my e library!


My husband saw it in his library the other night and and it took him a few seconds to figure it out.

I told him to never archive or delete it!!

Our book on my Nook!






What’s Just Inside The Cover?

Oh My … I’ve been so behind reading my quilting magazines!

Last night I had just gotten comfortable and ready to spend some quality time with this one …


and when I opened the cover I found this on the other side!


What a great surprise! It had me up and jumping around again.

Thanks for making me do the happy dance all around my sewing room!





Easy Storage Bins!

Recently one of our blog followers shared a tutorial for a cute storage bin!


Besides being easy to make … it’s made with our “Shades of Black” fabrics.
Thanks to Marni at Haberdashery Fun for this great tutorial!


Lets get organized!






And The Winner Is …

Thanks for all the comments! I thought I was the only one who used a seam ripper more than I care to admit!!

Without further delay, the winner is …


Karen Seitz!¬† “I have to say my seam ripper is my fave. It is not glamorous, but I don’t know what I could substitute for its skill!”

I will be contacting the winner by email shortly.
Happy Quilting!






Second Series Of Videos!

I hope you enjoyed the first 3 videos last week! This week we have something a bit different … only 2 videos and I have to admit these are my favorites!

Before we left for Austin and the Fat Quarter Shop, Kimberly asked Mary and I to bring our favorite notions to demonstrate. When she first made this request I said “I’m really not a “notions” person.” My needs are simple and I sew simple. But as I started looking around my sewing room and gathering my things … I noticed that perhaps I really am a “notions” person and maybe that’s why I think I sew simply!

The next thing we started thinking of was how to present our favorite notions in a different format. We wanted to try something that was “different”. Not just an infomercial and that’s how the idea for “Notions Talk” was born. I hope you find our little spoof on a “talk show” entertaining and informative.

Notions Talk …

The second video is something we thought would be really funny. If you’re a Jimmy Fallon late night TV fan you might have seen his “Thank You Notes” or “History of Rap” segments.

We couldn’t think of a precut wrap song and none of us can dance or wanted to wear baggy shorts down on our thighs so the alternative was “Thank You Notes”.

Hope you enjoy our “satiric tribute style” explanation of the different precuts.

Precut Dictionary Thank You Notes …

My favorite notion of all time really is my SideWinder!


Those crazy cute Clover Wonder Clips are now in second place! Kimberly will be happy to know that I have them in a cute container. For some strange reason it’s easier to sew my binding corners with them?


Thread Heaven has now been bumped into third place but still dear to my heart. It works well and that glitter gets me every time.


My favorite precut is still the fat quarter bundle. What can I say, I just like larger chunks of fabric.

To win this tribute to my favorite notions …


Simply leave a comment below telling me what YOUR favorite notion is. The winner of these 3 items will be chosen sometime on Monday June 16th.

Happy sewing with your favorite notions and precuts!






Quilt Market Video!

Check out our newest Quilt Market video!
I haven’t watched it yet but I’ve had some emails from people that saw it that haven’t lost their sight!

I don’t have any plans to watch it but you can! I know if I ever do I’ll never be able do another one again.





Moda Market Roll Call!

It’s that time again! Lets meet all the Moda Designers that attended Quilt Market in Pittsburgh!

Drum roll please …

Me and My Sister Designs!


I always start with this lonely picture of Mary in the booth without me. But seriously, who’s taking the pictures? I love our new LOL collection and Mary too! The new purples are to die for. I think a picture of Mary sitting alone in the booth has become a tradition and happens more often than I care to admit.

Minick and Simpson!


This is Simpson minus Minick. Polly wasn’t able to attend due to celebrating happy family events. Isn’t Laurie’s smile infectious? This is one of my favorite pictures of her ever. She is one of our favorite booth neighbors too, we have many, but we’re always excited to be next to this other pair of sisters.

Kathy Schmitz!


One word … Darling! Kathy worked so hard setting up her booth and tried to get all those blocks in the background centered just right. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the ones on the left are crooked. She also matches her booth. Cuteness overload!

Amy Ellis!


New girl on the row alert! It was very nice to meet Amy and she did a pod cast with me. My very first! I was really happy that we got to know her and her neutrals.

April Rosenthal!


Go April! Another new girl on our row alert! Since April is my birthday month I liked her instantly. Friendly and talented. I wish I could get away with wearing those pants!

Sandy Gervais!


Love Sandy! I love how she always tries to camouflage herself in her booth too. Those great flowers that she’s hiding behind were made with Q Tips and paint. She always excels in style and creativity!

Fig Tree!


We can always count on Joanna to have a beautiful booth! I think I’d like to take home those green carpets. Wonder if she would notice if they’re missing tomorrow morning? A fun and very talented lady.

Zen Chic!


Bridget had a relaxed studio vibe going on in her booth. Love all the over sized numbers! I certainly think she was the most comfortable and probably the only one who didn’t go back to the hotel every night with tired feet.

Deb Strain!


Little Debbie is always smiling! I wonder if she likes being called that … but she IS little and sweet. Just like the snack cakes! Those snowmen are about the happiest and cutest ever.

Vanessa Goetzen!


Another new girl! How many does that make now … 3! Is it only me or does she kinda look like Camille from Thimbleblossoms?? I glanced across the convention center several times and had to do a double take.

Basic Grey!


This talented group of designers is always represented by Alison at Quilt Market. She’s the perfect choice with her sparking personality and friendliness. I think the quilt behind her was one of my market favorites.

Pat Sloan!


Pat is always one of the most difficult designers to get a picture of because she’s always so busy! It took me until the last day to finally pin her down for this one. It was so worth the waiting! Love that sewing machine quilt.

Janet Claire!


Janet was on her way home and all packed up when I took this photo. Mary and I had fun getting to know her even more this market. She is actually very funny and can tell a great story. With 2 small boys who collect dead animals, she has a great pool of adventures to draw from.

American Jane!


We all love Sandy! She’s another great story teller and always has a new foreign film series ready to talk about. Can you believe that she brings all those quilts in that single suitcase?

Kansas Troubles!


Lynne is a winner again! She won another first place ribbon for her beautiful booth. Her husband Robert took most of the credit for the artfully arranged lamp posts on each corner of the booth. But I’m thinking that probably wasn’t the only reason she won. Could beautiful quilts and talent have anything to do with it??

Laundry Basket Quilts!


Love these two!! Edyta and Michael are always fun to see again. They work so hard and always have a beautiful booth. Edyta has a new children’s book coming soon. We saw a copy and it’s gorgeous! It’s full of her beautiful quilts and fabrics … so Mom will enjoy it too.

Primitive Gatherings!


Mary and I have been lucky enough to be on the same side of the convention center with this hard working and delightful lady two times in a row! Her husband wasn’t with her this time and we missed him … but fishing is more important than market to some people I guess.

Lauren and Jessi Jung!


This mother and daughter team are just as nice as they look! No family resemblance here? Sweetness and talent must run in the family tree too! Well done ladies with the great displays and beautiful quilts!

Well that’s another roll call wrap!

We visited with every designer around the Moda area at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. Hope you enjoyed the tour!






First Videos Go Live!

Mary and I recently traveled to Austin, Texas on a quilting adventure to the Fat Quarter Shop!


While there we filmed a total of 21 videos that will be shown throughout the Summer. There are some “just for fun ones” and others are “tutorials” but all are meant to tickle your quilting fancy!

The first three in the series are featured today¬† …

“Behind The Scenes” … Watch a short video about our trip. The girls at FQS couldn’t have been nicer and Austin couldn’t have been friendlier!



Meet the behind the scenes videographers, Chris and Dean! This father and son team met on the internet for the first time just a few years ago! They also found that they were in the same business and decided to work together. Hows that for a gene pool?

“How To Make A Stuffed Frog” … This adorable frog is sure to become a favorite. He is easy to make and is a quilting lesson in a cute froggy package.


Downloadable Frog Patch pattern is on sale this month on our website and at the Fat Quarter Shop! I love all of Kimberly’s cute Duck Dynasty frogs! Might have to make some for my collection.


“How To Make A Pillowcase” … If you haven’t tried this easy “tube method” pillowcase you should!

I LOVE this method! I make matching pillowcases every Summer for my husband and his motorcycle “gang!” They travel about the country every year for 3 weeks with their biker pillowcases. I have my fabrics for this years cases already picked out and ready to sew. Some of the cases from years past …



Make a few extra pillowcases for charity this Summer! The pattern is free on our website.This is also a great sewing project to keep the kids busy and at the sewing machine.

Sew lets get this party started and start your Summer sewing off with a bang!

Hope you enjoy this first in a series of videos!


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