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Our Fabric In The Movies?

Some friends have been telling me that one of our “Strawberry Lemonade” fabrics is used on a dress in the movie …


So I bought a copy and invited a few quilty friends to check it out.
I have to admit it looks like it could be …


5 out of 6 quilters in the room were sure that it is …


I’m the 6th, the only hold out. I want it to be true so badly!

Mary is 99 percent sure.
What do you think?


Could this dress be made using our “Strawberry Lemonade” fabrics?


I know the dots are not visible on the dress … but at a distance they really do blend in and can’t be seen.

The lighting is different too, so that adds to my dilemma.

What do you think??  Crossing my fingers that it’s true!
I want to believe … Help!


13 responses to “Our Fabric In The Movies?”

  1. Dana says:

    When I look at the last picture, which is the clearest and I look at how the strawberries are placed, it sure does look like it has to be yours. They turn exactly like yours do. I’m a believer.

  2. Jean says:

    If you are truly interested contact the costumer for the movie. They probably kept notes on the fabric used. Just an idea.

  3. Cathy K. says:

    It sure looks like it! 🙂

  4. Christine B. says:

    That would be exciting wouldn’t it?!! Hope you find out it is! 🙂

  5. OH that would be so thrilling for you if it is. Hope you’re able to find out for sure.

  6. Kate Brown says:

    It looks like it to me!! I sure hope that you find out that it is, how cool would that be!!

  7. Lu says:

    It doesn’t look like it to me but then again it is time for me to get new glasses. Ha!
    I hope you find out that it is your fabric though.

  8. VickiT says:

    Hard to tell really. In the credits for the movie they did give credit to a company called, Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing. I found their blog and searched backward to find a blog post stating they did work on that movie. It could be a dress that was actually from the 60’s. I remember my Mom having alot of clothing with fruits when I was a little girl. Maybe you can write an email to them to ask if they supplied the movie set that dress.
    Here is the blog post where they say they did work for that movie http://uffnervintage.blogspot.com/2011/09/taste-of-what-we-have-been-up-to.html

  9. Leslie says:

    The costumes for “The Help” were on display at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles last year. They were part of an annual display of Oscar-nominated pictures. I was fortunate to see them. I don’t remember if this dress was on display. They had the outfits from Dallas Howard, the blonde, and the formal maid uniforms. If it wasn’t an original design, then it wouldn’t have been. The lighting may affect the colors, but not that much, from what I observed.

  10. Toni Smith says:

    I just can’t think of anything that I should be doing more than SEWING!! My daughters and my grandsons cant wait to see what I make next…we have twins due in June so there is sooo much sewing being done for our new angels….

  11. Julie DeLeeuw says:

    I should be in the shower getting cleaned up in case I need to go to the fabric store for more fabric because I am sure in my sewing room I am running short on fabric! HE!HE!

  12. Debbie Rowe says:

    I should be cleaning the house and giving the dogs a bath. Or maybe finishing a project I already started instead of thinking of which project to start next. 🙂

  13. Sandra Strickland says:

    I should be cleaning and cooking, but my granddaughter is waiting for her quilt. Every time she sees me she says “Mimi have you finished my quilt yet”. How precious is that?
    Thanks, Sandra