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Just For Fun Videos!

We have new videos for you!

These are just for quilty fun!!

The first is how to fold fat quarters into a cute little bundle for gift giving or just to decorate your sewing room …

The second shows you how to make a cute scissor fob …

Both are just for fun and so cute!! Fold 8 fat quarters into a bundle …


Or try some singles and line them up!


Impress your friends with your fabric folding skills or throw them at your sister.

Happy folding and fobbing!



3 responses to “Just For Fun Videos!”

  1. You two are too funny! You wouldn’t REALLY throw such beautiful little bundles of fabric at your sister, would you?

    Well, having six sisters of my own and being #4 in the line-up, I know the answer to that question…of course you would! Fabric isn’t just for sewing, after all!


  2. I’m sure I’m being repetitive, but I LOVE your videos! You guys crack me up…I had to replay your ‘fabric fight’ 🙂
    Love the scissors fobs, too. Of course, they have many uses and I already have the all the supplies, so this will be the next project with my granddaughters. Thanks!

  3. LOL ‘throw them at your sister’. 🙂 Have a great weekend!