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Jolly Bar Blog Hop ~ Bandana Petals!

When the Fat Quarter Shop contacted me to try out the new Jolly Bar precut I was ready for the challenge! The Jolly Bar is a 5 X 10 inch precut exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop.

I got my Jolly Bar in the mail and started thinking about how to use it …


Ideas started coming together and and a quilt idea was born. I also decided to do my very first free pattern tutorial!


This is what you’ll need to make my “Bandana Petals” quilt …

1 Bandana Jolly Bar

2 1/4 yards white for blocks, sashing and borders

1/2 yard pink print for binding

3 1/2 yards for backing

I cut 8, 3 1/2 X 40 inch strips from the white fabric and cut those strips into 80, 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 inch squares. I marked all my squares with a diagonal line on one side …


Then I placed my white squares onto opposite corners of my Jolly Bar rectangles. You’ll need to place 20 starting in the upper right corner and 20 in the upper left corner. Then stitched on all the marked lines …


Trim …


And press …


I laid my Jolly Bars out in a pleasing manner, alternating as I went …


Next I cut the between block and row sashings. I cut 2, 10 X 40 inch strips and then cut those strips into 35, 2 X 10 inch rectangles. Sew one between each Jolly Bar to make a block …


Then sew another strip between each of the blocks to make a row.


Now cut the between row sashing. Cut 5, 2 X 40 inch strips and sew them end to end to make one long strip. From this strip cut 4, 2 X 47 inch strips. Sew those strips between the rows. Your quilt center should measure 47 X 54 inches at this point.


From the remaining white fabric cut 6, 3 1/2 X 40 inch strips. Sew these end to end to make one long strip. From this strip cut 2, 3 1/2 X 47 inch top and bottom borders and 2, 3 1/2 X 60 inch side borders. Sew the top and bottom borders on first and then sew the sides. Finished quilt measures 53 X 60 inches!

From the binding print cut 7, 2 3/4 X 40 inch strips. Make your binding as you usually do and add it to the quilt after it’s quilted.

A quick trip to the quilter and I’m finished! This is a really fast, fun and easy quilt made with a Jolly Bar!


Hope you enjoyed the free pattern and my very first EVER quilt tutorial.

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Go forth and sew with a Bandana Jolly Bar!



41 responses to “Jolly Bar Blog Hop ~ Bandana Petals!”

  1. Cindy says:

    How big a quilt does this pattern make(love the fabric!)

  2. pam says:

    Super cute!!! Love your tutorial, nicely done!

  3. Rosanne says:

    Love this quilt! I made your Hopscotch quilt-it’s super cute! I’m in love with this fabric collection. Thanks for another great design!

  4. Thanks for the free pattern…I absolutely LOVE it! It’s easy to make any size quilt with these blocks too, and they look so simple to make. I can hardly wait to get some of these Bandana fabrics. Oh, and the quilting is fabulous!

  5. Fran says:

    Great job, Barb. Very easy to follow and a great quilt when your done. Thanks!

  6. Keri Lyn says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for the free pattern, this is going on my to do list.

  7. Karen C. says:

    I love this. So light and delicate, yet easy and blocky!

  8. Mary S says:

    Love your design,the best so far. You make it so easy. Thanks

  9. Joyce says:

    Great tutorial. Very clear and easily processed. Thanks! The quilt is lovely, too!

  10. Carol Meyer says:

    Super Super Super
    You make it look so easy!
    Now I just need to get my jelly bar!

  11. Tonia conner says:

    The quilting is beautiful. And really like the pattern. I bought the same fabric bundle. And now I know what I going to do with it. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I’m in a hjop to and just finished my first quilt. If you get a minuet take a look. This is my first embroidery too, so don’t be too hard on me. Thanks again, I’m going to visit the others.

  12. Thank you for sharing, love this!!

  13. Christine B. says:

    This is a lovely quilt Barb! Thank you for sharing the tutorial… I think I am going to make one… I don’t have Bandana fabric but I do have a FQ pack of one of your other fabric collections which I think I could use!! 😀 xx

  14. Alesha K says:

    Wonderful tutorial! I love the ease of the design and can’t wait to make one of my own. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Susan says:

    Your tutorial is great! This will be a fun quilt to make and hopefully gift!
    (I do have a difficult time gifting my quilts)
    I love your fabrics

  16. Clara Chandler says:

    Thanks for the clearly written directions for your quilt. I love the look of the design and the name “Petals”–Spring is not far away.

  17. Dee D says:

    This is a great pattern-thanks for sharing it! It looks like the perfect baby quilt.

  18. Rosanne says:

    Love this quilt! I recently finished making your Hopscotch quilt and I am in love with this fabric collection! I will be making this one next. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  19. Daniela Kirk says:

    Oh Barb, Sew cute! What a fun idea.
    That’s for sharing this. I love the new line, I bought 4 charms already. Now deciding on fabric to coordinate.

  20. Sigi G says:

    Great Job Barb! My Bandana Fabric ARRIVED and I’m sewing up my first project with it, (your ‘Fiona’ Quilt pattern).
    Thank you for this free tutorial – Love this pattern and the beautiful quilting on it!!

  21. Vicki Hair says:

    Love the fabric and such a modern pretty design. A great pattern, thanks!

  22. Laura Taylor says:

    Very well written tutorial & I love the quilt! Going to save this one – have wanted to try the Jolly Bar and your fun fabrics!

  23. Amy says:

    Love Love Love this pattern. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Terry says:

    Fantastic job! Very well done and easy to follow. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the free pattern!

  25. Corinne says:

    You should make more tutorial, , cute, cute, cute quilt

  26. Rhoda Forbes says:

    First I’ve heard of a jelly bar, love you quilt .

  27. Johanna says:

    I love it! Now all I need is some time! Why can’t I stock up on that at the quilt shop?

  28. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Great tutorial! Makes me want to buy a jolly bar now! And there are no calories in them!

  29. Fran Dill says:

    How cute!

  30. Kathie L says:

    Love your fabrics and the Jolly Bar pattern.

  31. Pam S says:

    What delightful fabrics, and what a delightful quilt! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  32. Karen says:

    This quilt is lovely. I LOVE your Bandana fabrics!
    Great job on the tutorial! I hope you do more.
    I’m buying some more Bandana fabric ( a Jolly Bar this time ) to make this adorable quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  33. Dana Gaffney says:

    This is really cute and the tutorial is perfect. Everything I’ve ever made from your fabrics always turns out cute, the bright colors and happy designs with a little white makes the best quilts.

  34. RxHoward says:

    LOVE it & can’t wait to MAKE it!

  35. Patty says:

    I love the pattern. So cute. I have never seen these precuts before. I love the shape! I need to check them out! Thanks for the free pattern.

  36. Debby E says:

    I absolutely love Bandana! This quilt is adorable and your tutorial is great – so easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  37. Lori Morton says:

    Love Love Loooove your Quilt!! (already Love ALL the fabrics you guys have designed! Your’re my faves!)….thank you for a wonderful Tutorial!!

    Ohio Hugs! 🙂

  38. Michele says:

    I like, I like especially because it is petals without curves.

  39. Karen says:

    Is there an Aurifil thread box to match Bandana?

  40. LINDA says:

    TOO CUTE !

  41. I love this fabric line–it’s just so happy! (And a great antidote to winter.)