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Free Tangerine Tango Pattern!

Today Martingale is giving you a freebie!
That’s right!
They’re featuring a free pattern from one of our books …

You will need to visit their blog here and sign up to receive “Stitch This” email updates. The updates are really simple and fun. They just don’t feature quilting projects either … they have lots of knitting and other interesting things too!

I have been getting them for the past few months and they’re always packed full of information.

The free pattern is called “Tangerine Tango” …

And will show you how to make quick and easy 4 patches.

So visit today and get this free pattern from our “Four Patch Frolic” book!

Happy Quilting!



3 responses to “Free Tangerine Tango Pattern!”

  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome! Headed there now! Thanks….

  2. Kathy Gordon says:

    Tangy tangerine…how fun!

  3. Kate Brown says:

    Already got it! Thanks so much 🙂