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First New Pattern ~ Suburban

Well it’s just about time for our newest fabric group, “Good Morning” to start shipping. We have a few new patterns to go with the group so I’d better start telling you about them!

The first is “Suburban” …


These two quilts were recently featured in an AP&Q magazine ad …

You get instructions for both quilts in the same pattern. It’s two for the price of one!

“Suburban 1”  has a new technique for piecing house blocks. Mary came up with this brilliant idea all on her own.

You piece one block and get 2 houses …

Genius! Sometimes I am really glad she is my sister.

This quilt has some open spaces that are great for some creative quilting …

Our quilter extraordinaire, Sharon Elsberry quilted a Bella dog house on my quilt!  Some of her quilting designs are going to be featured in an upcoming AP&Q issue. I will let you know more about that as it gets closer to release.

“Suburban 2” is actually my favorite of the two.

I love simple shapes. I guess squares are about as basic as it gets! I really like the random placement of the blocks.

So be ready with new patterns to sew as soon as the bolts start arriving in stores September 5th!

Happy Sewing!



6 responses to “First New Pattern ~ Suburban”

  1. Too cute! I love the designs and the colors on this fabric line…so fun and cheerful! The blocks are great and the houses are just darling!


  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh hurray!! We’ve been anxiously waiting for the bolts to arrive. 🙂

  3. VickiT says:

    OOh I LOVE Suburban 2 and LOVE that lime green fabric. Beautiful.

  4. Marcia K says:

    Love those houses!!

  5. Kate Brown says:

    I really love both patterns and the fabric just makes it even better! I make charity quilts with your fabrics because I know that your colors and designs have to make anyone who sees them happy, this line is no different 🙂 So glad you share your talents with us!

  6. Christine B. says:

    How fabulous! Have been away and come back to find a blog post about my favourite pattern from Quilt Market!! Love the pattern and the fabrics 🙂