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Cupcake Decorating On A Ship?

Yes … This ship had everything!


On our recent quilting cruise with Stitchin Heaven we took full advantage of all the fun things to do on the ship after quilting classes.


One of my favorites was the cupcake decorating class!

We’re all gathering for a fun time!


That’s Sherri Falls from This and That and Karla from Sweetwater. Two of our wonderful teacher friends.


And lets not forget Gina, Kellie and Mary. Gina and Kellie are students from our quilting classes and well, you all know who Mary is!

Our decorating experts are still smiling and not worried about the rowdy group they are about to teach.


The supplies …


Yes, They gave me a sharp knife!

My finished cupcake …


And some of the fun in between all that creative work!


I love this shot of Mary going for it in the background! That’s my sis!!

Lets not forget getting to eat all our hard work.


More eating of our masterpieces …


Mary looks like she finally overdosed on sugar.

And some showing off our cupcakes …


This photo earned Sherri the nickname “Cupcake Barbie”. I know this picture is a bit fuzzy, but it looked great on my camera and I just couldn’t leave it out of the story.

The proud graduates in their official cupcake aprons!


Too much FUN!

More quilting cruise antics coming soon …



7 responses to “Cupcake Decorating On A Ship?”

  1. Laura Brown says:

    So your gonna teach us all how to do that right! My sister would be so impressed with me! LOL

  2. VickiT says:

    I think Mary definitely had the right idea. Why waste time putting all that yummy frosting ON the cupcake. Just put it right into your mouth. LOL

    They are super cute cupcakes though. So fun.

  3. Christine B. says:

    Wow! You looked like you had great fun and those little cup cakes look just like my two dogs did before they had their last trip to the groomers! 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Loved reading this blog. It was a flashback to the wonderful week we all enjoyed on our cruise.

  5. Betty Owens says:

    I was on this quilting cruise and while I missed out on the cupcake fun, the Class with Mary and Barb was a riot. I haven’t had that much fun at a quilting class in a long time!

  6. Michele says:

    Very cute and nicely done.

  7. Charli Thompson says:

    “M” for more fabric! You and your sister sound like a lot of fun. You made me smile.