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Annual Pillowcase!

Well it’s yearly “Man-cation” time!
Every year my husband and his merry band of engineers go on a road trip.
Every year I make a pillowcase for each member of the gang.

This year the gang is a bit smaller than usual. Because I was out of town, he was unable to go on the “big” trip. He had to wait until I returned and talked another straggler into waiting with him.

They will only be gone 10 days this time. It is usually 18. I plan on doing lots of sewing and will have a pizza or 2 delivered for dinner.
Hope they have fun and enjoy the traditional pillowcases!

One of the overnight stops along the way, a cabin just outside Glacier National Park.

And a stop in Jackson, Wyoming.

Thanks guys for the road trip updates!

Vroooom …


2 responses to “Annual Pillowcase!”

  1. Dana says:

    What a good hubby to stay home from his trip so you could take yours. I know, that’s how we roll here too, someone has to be home for our furbabies. So you only had to make two pillowcases?

  2. Kate Brown says:

    Lots of interesting things going on in your house!! I want to move in with you! trips to Africa, roadtrips, way to go!!