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And The Winner Is …

Thanks for participating in the Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew. Blog Hop!
Without further delay the lucky winner of this great book is …


Lisa Marie!

I don’t know if this story is funnier about the little boy (mine) or the big boys (not mine).
When my son was about 5 he went to a day camp program at the YMCA.  They did sports, crafts, etc.  The leaders were mostly college kids. One day when I arrived to pick my son up after day camp he was wearing different clothes than when I dropped him off.  When I asked why I got this story.
The college boys decided it would be fun to let the kids have a contest.  Well my son was all over that — if there’s a competition he’s going to try to win.  The contest was who could drink water at the water fountain for the longest time.  Naturally, my son drank water until he threw up.  Hence the changed clothes.  He “won” the contest but I don’t think they do that contest anymore.  Some years later we saw one of those college boys and all had a good laugh about it.


I will be contacting the winner shortly by email.




14 responses to “And The Winner Is …”

  1. Jan Richards says:

    Wow, Lisa Marie won 2 of the books….what a lucky girl. Congrats.

  2. Caryl Brix says:

    Right now I’m in Mt Morris Wisconsin, where it is so dry the storms part and go north and south of us. It’s so dry you can’t smoke outside…if you wanted to. The bushes think it’s late Sept and so does the goldenrod. It’s still a beautiful place, just needs more rain.

  3. Brenda Gard says:

    I live in Moneta, VA. We live on a 500 acre lake and during the summer months an ice cream boat comes by our dock each day selling ice cream. Visting kids love waving a swim noodle to signal them to stop by our dock so they can buy an ice cream (my hubby likes having visitors so he can get an ice cream also).

  4. Lynne Brown says:

    My hometown is Columbus, Ohio. We have a major league hockey team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and our biggest sports team is the Ohio State Buckeyes. We have many nice festivals during the spring, summer, and fall. This past July was the hottest on record here with temperatures in the nineties and even one hundred which is unusual for us. We have plenty of nice quilt shops, a big state fair, great restaurants, and we get many political candidates here as Ohio is a big “swing state” in the election. It is a nice place to live!

  5. Kathy Birling says:

    I live In hortonville wi, and it really hot and muuggy, the worse we have had all summer. I am lucky to have 5 quilt shops within 15 miles of my home, one of them being :primitive Gatherings”.

  6. Glynis says:

    Wher I live u can’t cook hot dog on the sidewalk it’s not hot enough or a seagull will get it first I live in ilwaco waShington

  7. Kelly says:

    When it is raining, and sometimes snowing, I love to wrap up in my favorite quilt and sit out on our back balcony that looks out over our cute little town Tremonton, Utah. I have started this tradition in our home and have had to make quite a few more quilts for my 6 kids and husband 😉

  8. janyce says:

    I live right here in Mesa. Its so hot my dogs run off the porch,pee and run back inside. I’m waiting for November to bind 6 quilts that I have ready.

  9. janyce says:

    I live right here in Mesa. Its so hot my dogs run out to the grass pee, and run back.I’m waiting for November to hand sew the binding on 6 quilts that I have ready.

  10. Lynn Barrett says:

    Home for me is in Charlotte, NC. Our current claims to fame include having hosted the DNC, being the site of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and home for the Batchelorette! Whoopee!! Come to Charlotte for sweet tea and BBQ!!

  11. Cheryl says:

    I live in, Sullivan, a small town of around 4500 people in central Illinois. We are known for the Little Theatre on the Square where many up and coming stars have performed. In the 1960’s when my husband was small, his family would house many of those up and coming stars. One of those soon to be stars was Alan Alda. My in-laws have picture of him playing cards at their home in the 1960’s.

  12. Marty Jewell says:

    I live in Fuquay-Varina, NC. I am 30 miles south of Raleigh, NC. I live right across the street from my quilt shop (The Quilter’s Nest), how convenient and dangerous all at the same time! It’s the only quilt shop in this little town, but I drive to Raleigh for my quilt block of the month and these new fabrics are yummy! Can’t wait.

  13. Samantha LInehan says:

    I live in Phoenix, AZ, on the southwest side of town. We are collectors of our favorite places and don’t mind driving a bit. So we go to Surprise (30 min drive) to the dentist, downtown phoenix for my OBGYN, and Scottsdale for the opthamologist and my favorite shop Sew From the Heart!

  14. Sharon L. says:

    I live in Tampa, Florida, and live about 6 blocks from Busch Gardens theme park. We are also the home for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Florida State Fair is also in Tampa. The Gasparilla pirate invasion and parade is held every year here also.