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Movie Time!

I don’t go to the movies very often. Don’t know why … maybe because I never seem to find the time to sit down and concentrate on one thing.

Anyway … One of my favorite authors had her first book made into a movie and I couldn’t wait to see it.

One For The Money!

Mary and everyone in my family reads all The Janet Evanovich books as soon as they hit the stores!

She is up to 18 books in the Stephanie Plum series …

Did I tell you I LOVE these books!

Well I was worried about seeing the movie … maybe it would not be as good as the books. I was not sure about Katherine Heigl as Stephanie either. I have always thought Sandra Bullock would have been a much better choice. But we purchased our tickets and Mary and I … along with some family members ventured out.


Well I liked the movie!

Of course the books are always better … but the movie was entertaining and I didn’t want to leave early! Katherine did a good job as Stephanie … Joe and Ranger were good … and I hope to see a sequel. Congratulations Janet!

Later today Mary and I get on a plane for Galveston, Texas and our quilting cruise of the Caribbean begins!

So we will be out of touch in blogland for a few days … but will have plenty of things to show and tell when we return.







And The Winner Is …

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!
Y’all got me thinking about the apron I made all those years ago in Girl Scouts.
I decided to dig thru a few old boxes to see if I could find it …

I didn’t … but I did find my old sash and bow tie!
Wow … and to think that it fit back then is blowing my mind! It was such fun making stuff and cooking and camping!
Thanks to all of you for bringing back the memories!

Now it’s time to announce the winner of the 32 Petal Pushers fat quarters!

The winner is …

Cute fabric!!  I can’t remember the first fabric I purchased, but the first “special” fabric I picked out was for Home Ec in Junior High.  It was a beige plaid and I made a skirt out of it.  (Ok, am I dating myself by saying “Home Ec” and “Junior High”?)  Loved that skirt, even though it was SO not “in” at the time!

Congratulations! I will be contacting the winner by email in a few minutes.

I am so glad that I found my old Girl Scout stuff!






Crochet Update!

Well I haven’t gotten very far yet … In fact I haven’t actually started crocheting!


But I did find this cute basket to hold my yarn and my project once I do get started.

It will be great for carrying around the house and for setting beside my bed if I want to crochet before bedtime.

A girl has to be prepared!

How long does a project have to sit before it becomes a “stash”??






First Resolution Give Away!

Mary and I have completed ONE of our  New Years resolutions … to organize our storage locker.

We keep lots of things in here ranging from extra patterns, fabrics, and market booth props that we recycle from time to time.

We bought some sturdy shelving and lots of plastic bins. Then actually arranged and organized all our stuff.


While organizing we spotted these fat quarter bundles from our very first fabric group Petal Pushers! We had forgotten completely about them.


So lets celebrate with a give away!


There are 32 fat quarters in this bundle … not a complete set … but close to it.

To win this bundle simply leave a comment below telling us about the first fabric that you ever purchased … if your like me you can’t remember back that far!

If not just say hello!

The winner will be chosen sometime on next Friday January 27th.

Good luck to all!






And The Winners Are…

Thanks for twirling with us and special thanks to Melissa at Sew Bittersweet for making the cute quilt and hosting a Twirl giveaway!

I had a great time reading all your comments and learning about all the ways you Twirl!

So without further delay …

The winners of our 3 Times the Charm book and Twirl charm packs are …

1 ~ Myra!

Slowly and with a cuppa coffee in hand. Thanks for the chance.

2 ~ Vicki!

Hmmmmmm twirling eh? I think at my age with this body making a quilt with your fabric is about the only way I”m going to Twirl. Any other way and I think I may hurt myself. ha

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit and congratulations to our winners!

I will be contacting them by email shortly.






Double Give Away!

You have two chances to win something … a Double Give Away!

Melissa over Sew Bitter Sweet Designs is hosting a giveaway this week and so are we!

She is giving away a Twirl layer cake and will have a project made from a layer cake to show you later this week. So click on over and see what she is up to.

You could also win one of these 2 prizes on our blog …

A copy of our 3 Times the Charm book and a Twirl charm pack!

Just leave a comment below telling us how you like to Twirl. Our 2 winners will be chosen sometime on Thursday January 19th.

Good Luck to all!





Dress Your Pet Day!

Today is National Dress Your Pet Day!
I have been waiting for this day all year.

I have two dogs named Frasier and Bella.
Frasier is a black Miniature Schnauzer who hates to dress up and Bella is a Jack Russell Terrorist who loves clothes.

Bella has a whole Sterilite bin full off outfits. I would love to show them all to you on this very special day but will only choose a few of my favorites!

Starting with this cute little faux mink trimmed cape and matching tweed collar with pearls …

This is one of her favorites too!

Then this little red number …

I call it her Prom Dress. She does not wear this one very often because the glitter falls off all over the floor and she gets a Diva attitude.

Another of our favorites is this knitted coral shawl …

And no wardrobe would be complete with out a few hats!

A pink fleece one …

And another just for fun and to get crazy!

For bath time she has this wonderful soft terry cloth hoodie …

Oh No … I think the model is starting to get a little side tracked and bored with this whole fashion show thing … maybe you are too!

That’s it for today. You will have to wait ANOTHER whole year to see more! I’ll bet that really makes you sad!

Now for some doggie treats … I pay my models in Milk Bones.

Have fun and dress your pet today!






Cruising Soon ~ 14 Days!

Only 14 more days before our Stitchin’ Heaven Western Caribbean Quilting Cruise begins!

Mary and I haven’t started packing yet but we do have lots of fun and surprises planned for all of you.

We have our reservations confirmed and double checked and have even signed up ahead of time for some interesting off ship activities!

On day 5 in Belize we will be zip lining thru the rain forest and cave tubing. Have any of you seen that cute new Geico commercial with the pig zip lining?

I laugh so hard every time I see it …  I am going to try and find some of those pinwheels to bring along and fly thru the air with them!

On day 6 in Cozumel we have signed up for an ATV Jungle adventure!  We will be driving on winding narrow paths thru mud and stuff … can’t wait!

I talked with Bonnie the other night from Cotton Way and she is really excited too!

We are going to have a blast … quilters gone wild!






Midge Bag Sighting!

Mary and I were visiting one of our local shops this past week and stumbled into a double Midge Bag sighting!
Diane and Val the owners of Bernina Connection had ordered patterns the previous week and said they had a cute shop sample. Mary and I could not resist driving up there to take a peek.

Instead of a shop sample … we spotted two ladies with Midge Bags! We were so lucky that they happened to be in the shop that day!

Meet Julie and her Midge Bag!

Love this colorful bag!

I also liked the ties she added to hold the bag together. We should have thought of that!

Now meet Mary and her Midge Bag …

She used a faux leather fabric that is so out of the box!

Love the contrast between the body and the decorative top.

Great job ladies and thanks!

What a great day to drop in … we were so lucky!






Crochet Away!

OK … So the knitting I tried after many years was semi successful …

But what I really used to enjoy was crochet!
I can’t even begin to count all those ripple afghans that I did for family and friends in the late 70’s.

So after another visit to the yarn shop I found this …

The yarn shops today are fantastic!

There are so many different and colorful yarns to choose from! Way better than those old brown and orange skeins I used to buy.

So after another 30 plus years it’s time to crochet again!

I found this wonderful yarn …

You have got to see this stuff up close!

Look at all those fabulous colors intertwinned.

There are lots of projects that I want to make in this book. But I had better start with something simple …

Perfect for the yarn I have chosen!

I am hopeful to get this newest project started soon. I also have hopes for this project …

And this! Love all the vibrant colors!

I also purchased this … think I have set my goals higher than I should?

Gotta squeeze this stuff in between all the quilting projects I am working on!

Quilts come first … Will keep you posted!