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House Work!

Update!  We’re still living in the RV parked in the backyard post house fire.


It’s getting warm here in Phoenix so it gets really hot in the afternoons. There is AC in the “big can” but it’s easier working and sewing outside in my very glamorous sewing space most afternoons.


Things are coming along. I have new wiring, ducting, walls and ceilings …


And the new floors are finished …


That job took over 3 weeks but well worth it!

We have a whole new roof and yesterday new insulation was installed.


We also had a minor set back. One of the installers fell on his buttocks and made a “butt” dent in the ceiling. That’s being repaired today.


Demolition in the bathrooms and laundry room continues today. We figured that since everything else was new why not re tile everything?


Yes … we’re crazy!

Hubby removed the window so the workers can take out the old tiles and not have to cart junk through the house …


I dream of using a real toilet again someday!! I get all excited when I go to the restroom at the grocery store.

The worst is still having to go to the laundromat!


I miss these guys!

Painters start on Monday!
We should be able to move back in at the end of April.





Aurifil Designer Of The Month!

The Aurifil Designer for the month of March is …

Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter Shop!

Kimberly is a wonderful friend and a very talented quilt designer! You’re really going to enjoy reading about her and seeing more photos on the Aurifil Blog.


One new thing I found out about Kimberly, that I hadn’t known, is her love of pink! I think I have a sister that could match her pink for pink and them some! Mary loves pink and when her daughters were small she dressed them in pink from head to toe daily. To this day they both hate pink! So Kimberly … be careful outfitting Emma!

Kimberly has designed a super cute mini quilt for the month of March!


Be sure to download your free pattern courtesy of Kimberly.

Please visit the other Aurifil designers each month …

January … Gudrun Erla
February … ​​Joanna Figueroa
March … Kimberly Jolly
April … John Kubiniec
May … Sara Lawson
June … Me and My Sister Designs ​ ​
July … Ebony Love
August … Nancy Rink
September … Valori Wells
October … Lynn Harris
November … Bonnie Christine
December … Celine Perkins
Host  … Pat Sloan

Hope you’re enjoying getting to know everyone a bit better and all the cute free patterns so far!

Be sure to add the quilts you create from this Designer Series to the Aurifil Flickr Page. We’d love to see them and remember each month one person will win a 12 spool Aurifil thread kit!

Happy sewing with Aurifil!






Pre Cut Primer!

We have a new book coming soon!


The folks at Fat Quarter Shop talked us into this book when we visited Austin last year.


It’s been a big secret until now but we’re ready to spill the beans … or the precuts!

Our favorite quilts have always been made using precuts. I just love sewing with precuts, so it wasn’t difficult to envision a book using them!


There are 12 different quilts patterns in the book. Two using each of the 6 Moda precuts!

Things start out with “Grade 1″ and a quilt made using a “Moda Mini Charm”.


A mini charm is a 2 1/2 inch square of every fabric in a collection.


These are our new “Hi De Ho” mini charms that ship to the stores this June.

You’ll be schooled all way up to “Grade 12″ and a quilt using “Moda Fat Quarters”!

The book is available for pre order now and if you decide to take the plunge you’ll get this pattern free with your pre order!


More fun reveals coming down the road but pre order your copy today!

You’re going to love it!






Hi ~ De ~ Ho!

Our newest fabric group called “Hi De Ho” is NOW being shown to the shops!

Sample Yardage 5

My super secret warehouse spy has been at it again!

Sample Yardage 4

Creeping around the Moda warehouse after hours.

Headers 4

Risking life as she knows it, getting us the latest “spy” pictures!

Headers 3

These are called “capsets”.  The salespersons get these sample fabrics to travel with and entice your favorite Quilt Shop owner to buy more fabric! You understand now what a dangerous job this can be!

HJeaders 6

Get ready for MORE fabric coming this June!
Thanks super secret spy for the advance pictures!






YOU ~ Did It Again!

Thanks for reprinting our book ANOTHER time!


We couldn’t have done it with out YOU!





Aurifil Designer Of The Month!

The Aurifil Designer for the month of February is …


Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts!

I know it seems like I’m really late with this post but it’s announced in the middle of each month and this is a short month so in my book, it’s all good!

Anyway our friend and fellow Moda designer has the spot light this month!

Her February project is this adorable “Chubby Churn Dash” …


You can get a copy of her free pattern here.

Be sure to visit her website to find out about her first encounter with a quilt!

Enjoy this free pattern courtesy of Fig Tree Quilts and be sure to check the other designers each month.

January … Gudrun Erla
February … ​​Joanna Figueroa
March … Kimberly Jolly
April … John Kubiniec
May … Sara Lawson
June … Me and My Sister Designs ​ ​
July … Ebony Love
August … Nancy Rink
September … Valori Wells
October … Lynn Harris
November … Bonnie Christine
December … Celine Perkins
Host  … Pat Sloan

Bonus! If you make the monthly project, be sure to share it on the Aurifil Flickr Page. One person each month will win a 12 spool thread kit!

Happy Quilting with Aurifil!






Another APQ Quilt Along Update!

We’ll things were progressing more slowly these past 10 days. I’ve had a bad cold but did manage a bit of progress.

I discovered that somehow I miscounted and didn’t cut enough strips. I had to go back and cut enough strips for an additional 170 strip set segments!


Once past that small detour I finally got my 888 strip set segments made!


Got them all pressed …


And finally between all the tissues and sneezes, somehow managed to get them all trimmed and one block completed!


The plan is to sew as many blocks as I can this week since I’m feeling better!

Only 443 to go!






We’re On The Jolly Jabber Today!

Celebrating our new group “Bandana” …


“Bandana” makes our 27h fabric group shipped from the Moda warehouse!

We couldn’t have had all this fun with out you … so THANKS for all your support.


We’ve been doing this for 10 years now and are as sane as ever!


So hop on over to The Jolly Jabber today and read all about it!

Hope you enjoy Bandana!






It’s All Dutch to Me!

The gals at Martingale sent Mary and I an email the other day with news that our “Simple Quilts” book was reviewed in a Dutch Magazine …

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.43.49 AM

How Exciting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.21.12 AM

But what does it say??

Hopefully it’s something good!
Happy Quilting!





Jolly Bar Blog Hop ~ Bandana Petals!

When the Fat Quarter Shop contacted me to try out the new Jolly Bar precut I was ready for the challenge! The Jolly Bar is a 5 X 10 inch precut exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop.

I got my Jolly Bar in the mail and started thinking about how to use it …


Ideas started coming together and and a quilt idea was born. I also decided to do my very first free pattern tutorial!


This is what you’ll need to make my “Bandana Petals” quilt …

1 Bandana Jolly Bar

2 1/4 yards white for blocks, sashing and borders

1/2 yard pink print for binding

3 1/2 yards for backing

I cut 8, 3 1/2 X 40 inch strips from the white fabric and cut those strips into 80, 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 inch squares. I marked all my squares with a diagonal line on one side …


Then I placed my white squares onto opposite corners of my Jolly Bar rectangles. You’ll need to place 20 starting in the upper right corner and 20 in the upper left corner. Then stitched on all the marked lines …


Trim …


And press …


I laid my Jolly Bars out in a pleasing manner, alternating as I went …


Next I cut the between block and row sashings. I cut 2, 10 X 40 inch strips and then cut those strips into 35, 2 X 10 inch rectangles. Sew one between each Jolly Bar to make a block …


Then sew another strip between each of the blocks to make a row.


Now cut the between row sashing. Cut 5, 2 X 40 inch strips and sew them end to end to make one long strip. From this strip cut 4, 2 X 47 inch strips. Sew those strips between the rows. Your quilt center should measure 47 X 54 inches at this point.


From the remaining white fabric cut 6, 3 1/2 X 40 inch strips. Sew these end to end to make one long strip. From this strip cut 2, 3 1/2 X 47 inch top and bottom borders and 2, 3 1/2 X 60 inch side borders. Sew the top and bottom borders on first and then sew the sides. Finished quilt measures 53 X 60 inches!

From the binding print cut 7, 2 3/4 X 40 inch strips. Make your binding as you usually do and add it to the quilt after it’s quilted.

A quick trip to the quilter and I’m finished! This is a really fast, fun and easy quilt made with a Jolly Bar!


Hope you enjoyed the free pattern and my very first EVER quilt tutorial.

Please visit the other designers on the hop today …

Caroline of Sew Can She
Megan of My Quilt Story
Kiera of Simply Vanella
Lindsay of The Cottage Mama

Go forth and sew with a Bandana Jolly Bar!



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